Thursday, August 28, 2014

What is a home?

All the devotions I post here resonate with me some way or another. But for me, where I like to decorate but it always bothers me when it isn't just right. Why all the fuss over a home, when really this quote below is what's important!  
Go, read this link and then lighten up on yourself.  Your home is great the way it is, decorated or not, toys or no toys, cleaned or dust bunnies hopping, big or small.  Live in your house and give God the glory in all that you do.

How we live in the spaces we're given . . .

"I’ve learned through this journey that a house isn’t a home because you’ve paid the mortgage and call it your own."

"It’s the relationships and interactions and experiences lived within the walls that define our home that matter more than the decor and accessories and square footage and taxes paid."

"It’s what we do within the spaces we’re given that matter most to God."

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