Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The garden's from 231 Footer Street.

I took some time to work on my landscaping, with my empty spaces and over active spaces.  I have lots of plants, and lots of junk-y clay/dirt that I try to work with each spring/summer/fall to make it more plant worthy for the non-flowering plants that we have.  It is not always an enjoyable task, new wood chips, cultivating the dirt, figuring out why my plants are not flowering. What I do like is the outcome, the flowers, the pretty greenery, the look it gives to our house.   

Spearmint plant:
Smells wonderful, has done well even though it has been very wet and it is suppose to help keep away mosquitoes!  I'm not sure if it is working but I do enjoy the smell!  

 My ever abounding Hollyhocks. 
One small plant came in one small ice cream bucket and now they are everywhere. Spreading by seed and root. It is going to be a job to get back my south side landscaping, slow but sure, it will come.

 I had Jim and my mom make this planter while I was pregnant one summer, I think with daughter #2, actually I'm pretty sure it was then. It is exciting to see plants come up each year, not knowing if they survived the winter cold.  I did a whoops this spring, planted bulbs and for what ever reason, chose to plant them upside down. Like, really?, no wonder they are not popping up. I am quite bummed out by this but went through and turned them right side up. I wonder how much damage I've done.  I'll have to wait and see. Possibly even until next year. 

keystone planter:
 Day lilies (red, yellow, orange), Iris' (purple, yellow, yellow/maroon), Light Pink Peonies,
And lots of purple flowering plants that I can not remember the name of. Cheers!   

If you look close near the bottom of this picture, there is a Black Eye Susan, also known as Rudbeckia hirta.  I have been trying to grow this plant for years, I now have two flowering and two trying to make it. They are pretty particular to grow at my house but am so excited!

This is the back of my house, we get to visit these while we swing on the swing set. 

This to the right is a Spuria Iris, I have not been able to make this bloom. I think it is time to move her. The left is tall lavender phlox, which has not been blooming. 

The Asiatic Lilies grow/bloom like crazy and I'll be thinning them out this fall and adding color else where for next year. I am exciting about this, just to make and find the time to do so.

The tall, lavender Phlox (middle plant) that grew great the first year I had them, now after I moved them, they have not bloomed. Not sure what to make of this and they are! I do need to figure out my issue. 

This container is next to our garage, and since the bottom rotted out, she'll be there until her sides give way. 

One of my many container flower garden, this is two layers and have loved it since i made it this way two summer's ago.  I have always loved Petunia's, especially shades and tints of purple. I have them in quite a few containers, most are doing quite well!

I'll be posting later in August, to see and show you if my Allium actually did come up to bloom and give you a peak at some of the other fun container garden's I have put together. 

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