Friday, June 22, 2012

Kitty Sage & Macy Dog!

  This written way back in June... and i'll keep up with some posting.... i think!  

    As you can see our animals are well loved and played with.  They sit very willingly and when the time is up, they let us know by walking off.  That's where the parent step in and make sure the animals get all the gear off for their safety.  Here's a couple of pictures of the girls with their beloved kitty and pup. 

A stroller ride and kitty Sage is getting her fur done. She was so patience. 

 Kitty Sage swinging with EW.  EW enjoyed this way more then the kitty I am sure of this but yet again, kitty sat still with EW until the ride was done.  The bike helmet for safety precautions, ya know! ;-)

 CW playing dress - up with our Macy dog, she was so patience, even with that darn crown.

I will have to say, we have been blessed with great pets.  Even though I really didn't want the cat, she is good (besides that rabbit head/guts I found outside my garage door this am.) and the dog, she is good too! I'll just forget the number of times she's been in the garbage and didn't clean it up herself.

Until next time, 
Lexie ><> 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Dragon Wagon

 'Dragon Wagon' you ask ?  It all started with a few misunderstood words to have our new red wagon become the 'dragon wagon'.  That's the story.  CW and EW and the mama were working on getting this wagon put together when we were talking about the wagon and CW kept say 'dragon'.  So, now the name is official. :)

 We have put the other side on our wagon for safety reasons!  No worries!

CW: 'What mom, what you say?'  

The best for last!  CW in dress up pulling the EW, both with lovely smiles!

This wagon has supplied us with wonderful wheels of fun.  From just a trip around the block to down the road to the river or the girls having fun with each other, I am glad we decided to make the purchase.

Until next time,
Lexie ><> 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How do you like to play ?

How one of our girls like to play can be completely different from the other.  
Here's a great example of our EW and CW. :) 

I found EW, she climbed into the wheel barrow full of pea rock. She continues now to play with all the rock that is smoothed out on the driveway.  Every so often I go out and smooth out the piles that she makes.   
 She was covered in rock dust but this certainly did keep her busy. 

 This is how our older daughter plays, with play sets of dishes! 
CW was busy washing them up and EW was eagerly waiting her turn. The three of us continued to play with our washed up dishes, being served at the 'diner'. 

Even though sister who enjoy their own idea of play, they do enjoy being together.  And I can't label our CW as 'pretty and clean' because one of her past times is digging for worms. :)  She'll make a great gardener some day. 

Until next time, 
    Lexie ><> 

Friday, June 1, 2012

The guitar: part 2

Here's more of what's happening with the guitar. 

Inside bracing on back. 
It has nothing to do with sound, it will warp if it does not have bracing. 

Home made 'spool clamps', he saved himself a bazillion dollars by doing this. 


Gluing the fingerboard to the neck of the guitar. Two large rubber bands wrapped tight. 

First trial neck fitting. 

Diamond on back of the peg head. 

Isn't is turning out great!  Jim is working on the finish, lots of sanding and applying polyurethane.  I am sure the next post I have, he'll be done or very close.  Stay tuned. 

Until Next Time,
Lexie ><> 

The First's of Summer

I guess the first day of June marks the day for a new post and start up of the blog.  
A lot has happened in the last 2.5 months but for now, here's some of the 1st of our May and our early summer.  

 We found a toad.

Peonies bloom. 

 This caterpillar found on mama and CW needed to find his mommy. 
Always needing to make sure animals have their mommies around.  
He was a pretty teal color and grey/brown. 

 The frog, he was big and CW didn't not like him.
First Iris bloom.  Since then, we've had yellow and lavender, and tan open up! 

And lastly, we went to visit Mawga and Papa and we got hair cuts for summer. 

Now for the rest of summer to enjoy. 
The zoo, park play, pool play, flowers, bike riding, walks, runs and a whole lot more!