Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Dragon Wagon

 'Dragon Wagon' you ask ?  It all started with a few misunderstood words to have our new red wagon become the 'dragon wagon'.  That's the story.  CW and EW and the mama were working on getting this wagon put together when we were talking about the wagon and CW kept say 'dragon'.  So, now the name is official. :)

 We have put the other side on our wagon for safety reasons!  No worries!

CW: 'What mom, what you say?'  

The best for last!  CW in dress up pulling the EW, both with lovely smiles!

This wagon has supplied us with wonderful wheels of fun.  From just a trip around the block to down the road to the river or the girls having fun with each other, I am glad we decided to make the purchase.

Until next time,
Lexie ><> 

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