Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The activity level is high around here ...

Let's just say, the activity level of 'getting things accomplished'
around the Waa household is about a 10 on a scale of 1-10.
For starters, the garden is now planted, we have a permanent chicken coop door for safety
measures and the flowers are all planted for the summer!
Let's mark this one on our calendar, the garden is planted and it's May 25th!! Waa-Hoo! Peppers, tomatoes, red onions, potatoes, beans & lettuce. I'd like a half a row of carrots but not sure if I'll get this. I think Jim is going to make a lot of salsa since we have 8 tomatoes & 8 pepper plants growing. But from his previous years, I think he has the thought of 'plant more so we can have enough in the end' some may die or bugs will get them, it will be interesting & peppers are no easy plant to try to grow we have decided. We also are placing straw down for weed control & Jim has gotten out a sprinkler for future watering! Another Waa-Hoo!
The evening was perfect with a bit of wind to keep away the bugs & CMW went to the grandparents (even though she was just watching a movie), it was much easier to get things done. I will add, C does not like the wind if she isn't preoccupied. I also laid down a bag or two of wood chips, trimmed up the tulips and mad note of what other landscaping projects needed to get done. What a great night for accomplishment!

After 10 months of having chickens, I finally have a sweet new permanent chicken door and let me tell you, it is very sweet. And I give a huge thanks to Jim for this because he is helping me protect our hens. We have had a skunk a little to close for comfort, some far away sightings & some near but this last one was actually in our chicken coop according to our neighbor & we don't need visitors like this, no no! The chickens are fine, they are still making eggs, I'm still delivering them and we haven't seen the skunk since. But we are now ready for this skunk to be deceased and Jim has borrowed a gun & will be on the look out! He even suggested a bounty for it. Our neighbor actually suggested me taking on the task of shooting this animal, I call him crazy. I don't like nor do I tend to have anything to do with guns. So, I will leave this task to the Mr.

This last weekend, after a trip to the cities for the week to visit family & friends along with some shopping, CMW, myself and Jim all caught up on rest & I'd have to say, we took naps two days in a row, so nice! A somewhat rainy Saturday didn't stop us from going to town to support the runners of the Fargo Marathon & two church missionary families heading out this summer to their new ministry locations. We also went shopping for flowers! Sunday was another beautiful summer day & I wanted to make sure I had a little something to do outside besides just sit! CMW and I got three pots of flowers potted, planted Dalia's & Canna Lilies in the ground & watered. Jim was working in the garden some with tilling and putting up the fence. Now I am on to fixing up the wood chips, pulling weeds, and I'm ready for summer's sunshine & beauty to start blooming.

Our next major project in progress is painting our house! I'm the encourager in this project and we both can't wait to have it done! I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yes, Easter, a long time ago

hunting for eggs with dad...

and she found one!

gum was one of the treats & yes, like her mom at this age,
she likes to chew gum and 90%
of the time throws it away in the trash when done, how sweet.

dying eggs, she did a pretty good job

all smiles :-)

Yes, Easter has passed a good month plus but since I dropped off from posting I am now getting back to writing about some of the events at this house. Easter was one weekend we certainly enjoyed out of the busy month of April! We stayed in Prosper partly due to the events at our church on Good Friday & Easter Sunday; a continued drama of the Life of Christ. And partly due to just needing to stay home knowing we'll relax and no one else is looking for a gathering of sorts.
Besides church, I brought out the 'commercial' side of Easter with an egg hunt & egg dying. This is what I always did on Easter, dye eggs at the g'parents & it's something fun that I would like to pass on... something fun to do with the whole family. I even tried with our brown eggs and it worked just fine! As you can tell, I was totally up on the fashion for the day, along with CMW up on her fashion during the egg hunt. Yes, sometimes girls will wear what they want to wear.

And to go along with our weekend, we did have one small mishap and it in tales glitter glue!! As one must be thinking 'they must must not have been watching miss C as close as they could.' Well, your right! She came downstairs rubbing her hands like she had a ton of lotion but it wasn't lotion, it was glitter glue, yes pink glitter glue all over her hands and she was enjoying this! Then I found the rest of the bottle empty, yep along with it sticking to C's cloths, feet, the floor, comforter, wall & mirror. So, what did I do? I did my craft project with the glue all over the floor, Jim cleaned up CMW & had a small talk about how this was not good. Then after my small project was done, I cleaned up the floor, mirror & wall and threw that comforter in the wash. A mishap that was pretty simply to take care of. :-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wow, where did you get that ride?

Well, this new ride, is my new bike & a gift from my parents!

Yes it's a Schwinn, Hollywood edition, color: teal;
Yes, it's a classic; Yes, it is oh so comfortable!
And I am so excited for this bike and to ride it with CMW.
It's going to be a great summer, now all I need is a bike cart come July. :-)
And if anyone is up for a casual bike ride, I'm all in, that is if I get a bike cart...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vogue Cover Shoot 2010 / Mother's Day

Rockin' those Elmo glasses
so serious

Yes, CMW is a self-proclaimed photographer and she loves taking pictures, especially of herself. I only wish I had two camera's; one for her and one for us but we don't. High super vision taken seriously when she's on her photo shoots.

For Mother's Day CMW was sweet enough to let me do her hair!
And it lasted until mile marker 15 and the ponies were out.
But still, isn't she sweet!

And Happy Mother's Day to all those mom's out there.
I'm pretty sure, I'm pretty darn lucky, to have a mom like I have!
And all those 2nd mom's out there too that have taken me under their wing as well!