Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby E, 7 months!

An update on Miss E.
And no bear picture for February, but here is January's!

Eleanore had a check up on 2/16 and she is doing wonderful. She is very long at 29.25", almost off the charts for her age. Her weight is 18# 4 oz. which is about the 50% and her head is 50%. And she is reaching all her milestones . Yea!
A few things she is doing.
- reaching for toys and anything that isn't hers.
- crawling a little bit and managing to get to a lot of different places.
- rolling and scooting
- sits up very well and leans forward to lay on her belly gracefully
- then can push up to a sitting position
- we have moved her mattress down since she is pulling herself up, yikes!
- she continues to eat solids, sweet potatoes, squash, pears, apples, carrots, broccoli, spinach and avocado. All is steamed and blended by her mama. It's the best!
- starting to use a sippy cup with a little bit of water at meals
- she is eating some finger foods and has a pretty good pincher grasp coming to form.
- enjoys petting the kitty. She also thinks it's silly when Sage brushes against her, her fur must tickle. She always belly laughs just a bit.
- enjoys bath time
- enjoys Claire and lets Claire know when she does something she does not like.
For example when CMW takes away a toy that she has, Eleanore lets her know. I love this, it just shows how much more learning I get to attempt to teach when it comes to sister love. And it will help with my ability knowing I am a good mom when I calmly let CMW know that 'this is why E is responding like this' because you did this.
- she has two teeth on the bottom
- she is starting to sleep in any position that is comfortable. I love to peek in and see how she is sleeping, she always looks so peaceful.
- And she is a talker and I try to remember to use some baby signs with her.
CMW still uses some signs with us, it's makes my heart laugh and I love that she can make that connection of which sign goes with which word.

Here's a few more pictures of our growing girl. We all love her lots!




Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cajun Anyone?

We have been learning the art of cooking Cajun!
And I'd have to say it is a bit different then our mid western style, it has a lot more flavor, as in spicy, but not always and it's cooking that one has to be more involved in. It's not open a couple of can, stir, throw in the oven and set the timer. Much more fun then this.
For many people, I guess sea food like lobster or crab legs is 'just the bomb'!
Well not for me and I haven't had a good experience, so Jim talked me into trying it again.
And it's Cajun style! So, for dinner we had crab legs, yum! Shrimp, which I can pass on and Clams, which is for sure a 'No'! And since Jeff is considerate, we cooked a tuna steak for my back up and I'd cook that up again too! Our veggies were potatoes, onions and mushrooms.
Here's how we did it, the basic theme, throw it all in and let it boil. But here's how it really happened. In a very large stock pot, throw in a bunch of spices and once the water is boiling, start throwing in the veggies. That's right, the little red netting bag that onions come in, just throw it in and let it cook with the mushrooms. Then the potatoes, shrimp, clams and crab legs on top to steam them. Now that is what I mean when it comes to 'one pot cooking'! Once done, you need one large bowl, a table covered in newspaper, a butter knife and of course plates. "No eating utensils needed" I was told. And be prepared for juices flying from those crab legs!
Jim's buddy Jeff is exposing us to Cajun was telling me about how down south, when you go out for this type of meal you don't wear your nice cloths since you come home full of juice and
smelling a bit fishy. The gentleman also are the ones that crack crab legs and strips the shrimp and give it to the ladies and kids. How sweet is this? It makes eatin' pretty simple!
Learning this is like experiencing something internationally, it's intriguing, interesting, fun and it just makes me smile. Even if the food was so-so, it was totally worth it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Part 3. Entrepreneurship

It was February last year, about this time when I spent a good part of my day with a bunch of ladies in Marion ND. You can read about it here. Entrepreneurship was the topic. As I still have not officially become one of these, I am excited to say that I do have a market for my 'green' recycled feed bags that are made into totes. They come in Large, medium and small.
Besides selling them to many friends, I have 3 stores in the F/M area that are selling them, a hardware store, a green boutique, and a health food store. And what I love is that I haven't even had to go out and market them, I use my bags for everyday shopping and then I get inquired about them. It's pretty exciting even though some days these bags are not the most exciting sewing projects that's on the table! But I keep sewing and keep drumming up ideas of how to make them a little bit different. Currently I have changed the handles and we are going to see how they sell.
So, Yea! Part three of my now going on year two of this exciting adventure.
Now, it's back to sewing!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time for cousin bonding.

The latest addition to the cousin's of the Waa side, baby L.
Do you see her in amongst the big kids?
Baby L is 4 weeks old in this picture and still pretty sleepy!

cousin J is 3 mos. shy of 4 yrs, new baby L, CMW is 3, and baby E is 7 mos.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't you wish you had some cool shades like these?

A few pictures of my sweet girl Claire.
Her sweet new shades from G'ma Jane. She has been wearing them everywhere. They are a real hit and of course she plenty of smiles and compliments.
When were these shades popular? Are they coming back in?

Her new chef hat, think modern! She got a large set of imaginary play kitchen items and on the box there was a girl with a chef hat. We started to pull out the items in the box and she asked 'Where's the hat?'. We were a bit confused but figured it out by the picture. So, i got around to making one. She has an apron as well!

Taking a walk around the block. We take advantage of the nice weather since most days it's so windy that it's just to cold to get out.

Great.G'ma Kay, the knitter made this for C. We love hand made gifts from family. It's so soft and warm, Thanks Grams!

I'm thinking C is into hats just like her mama; and shoes, and scarfs, and the color purple. I wonder if some of this is from my encouragement? hmm...