Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't you wish you had some cool shades like these?

A few pictures of my sweet girl Claire.
Her sweet new shades from G'ma Jane. She has been wearing them everywhere. They are a real hit and of course she plenty of smiles and compliments.
When were these shades popular? Are they coming back in?

Her new chef hat, think modern! She got a large set of imaginary play kitchen items and on the box there was a girl with a chef hat. We started to pull out the items in the box and she asked 'Where's the hat?'. We were a bit confused but figured it out by the picture. So, i got around to making one. She has an apron as well!

Taking a walk around the block. We take advantage of the nice weather since most days it's so windy that it's just to cold to get out.

Great.G'ma Kay, the knitter made this for C. We love hand made gifts from family. It's so soft and warm, Thanks Grams!

I'm thinking C is into hats just like her mama; and shoes, and scarfs, and the color purple. I wonder if some of this is from my encouragement? hmm...

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Sarah said...

That is one ADORABLE picture of C on your walk outside! Can't wait to see her this weekend!