Friday, July 24, 2009

The Fridge

I just need to share how much my fridge makes me happy. It's silly but it's true.
Last year about this time we called up the store and asked 'Do you have any good deals on Refrigerators?' And by chance they had this one, a Kenmore Elite, bisque color, french doors on top with the pull out freezer on bottom with water in the door and has a filter system. It was so sweet to hear all these words come out because it was the fridge I was dreaming about. It just happend to be a custom ordered but the size was wrong so it was put on the 'clearance rack'. It was marked down to 60% off the regular price, we couldn't have found a better deal. Our fridge got delivered, the old fridge went to the dump and I am still enjoying my fridge today and still think 'wow, we sure were blessed to fall upon this fridge!'

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM

My mom is turning 50 today, yes 50 and that's crazy.
She is still so young, so alive, and so beautiful!
Lets just add, she is an incredible mom and always will be!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A super fun project

I was busy last night and it was super fun. I love to sew for others, especially when it's a special order or even if it's a surprise. I got a nursing cover and a diaper/wipe pouch done. Ms. S only was asking for the cover but there was enough fabric left over to whip out a pouch too. I think they come into use when the child is older and doesn't need 2 diaper a hr, if you know what I mean? A fun way to end the night!

Monday, July 20, 2009


I'd thought I tell a little bit about what Jim's been up to. He has been busy building a chicken coop for our 12 chickens coming in August. CMW was a big help too. We built it one weekend and this last weekend we stained it so it won't tune grey. This was Jim's idea. It is quite portable, the front and back walls detach and the roof will be where we get into the coop. Just the right size for 12 chickens and the fence will come when we get the chicks and when they are ready to venture out.
He also is putting in a more efficient drain system so our house will stay free of H2O. He has dug trenches, leveled them to the right slope and is going to throw down some rock and cover up the tubing and he'll be done. I hope he'll be done. It's a lot of work to keep changing the drainage system each year.
He's planning to plum our outside sump pump to the inside sump pump. It runs most of the winter and he wants it to say ice free this year. And then it's to the furnace. He wants to re-plum this to go out the side of our house instead of up the chimney. I say, whatever, it's work he's creating not me. All i know is by September, I'll have a new stove and a slightly remodeled kitchen. I'll be so excited about this and I'll let you know when it happens.
Jim is also working on his sail boat, his hobby cat. He is getting it ready to sail and I'm thinking August, he might get it in the water.

CMW pounding away.
The basic shape, a roof that is clear and water resistant is opens!

The man, busy at work. What a great husband I have.
The color we stained the coop!

The new systme to keep the water away from the house.
The grey tubs that will be in the ground.

The Sail Boat.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Flowers & the Forgotten Park

So I forgot one of the parks that we hiked and saw water falls, Cascade Park. We decided to hike a 3.5 mile round trip to 'Look Out Mountain'. Well we met some people on the trail and a quote from one of the ladies was 'for a 57 yr old lady, the view was disappointing'. I guess there isn't much to see besides tree tops and a little part of Lake Superior. So we continued to hike but decided not to hike all the way, we found a different view that was good enough for us. And the hike was enough for us too.
Part of the Cascade falls.

CMW wanted to hike too, she was done with that pack. She actually did very well walking over tree roots and rocks.
Taking a break and needing a snack!

Here are some great flowers we found along our journey as well. For the most part they are all growing wild expect for the poppies.

Aunt Ginny says this is an Indian Paint Brush flower, we'll take her word on this.

And these flowers I was told only bloom in late June and they are all over the ditches. And when they are getting ready to seed, the pods burst and throw their seeds out farther, now that is an interesting way to spread your offspring. :-)
They are so pretty and the varity of color, shades and tints of purples to tints of pinks to white, they are beautiful.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Here's Day 4 and 5, hiking is so much fun and CMW loved it too. She was able to see and was up looking out, as long as she wasn't sleeping that is. I'm sure we'll be heading back to the North Shore in the future, it was well worth it.
Do we look awake? This was one morning Claire was up around 6:15am and so we got to the trail head by 9:00am. This is on the bridge going to Judge CR Magney. Also know as 'Devils Kettle' is there.

The trail but not all of it was this nice.
Claire fell asleep by the time we got back from hiking to Devils Kettle.
So, the story behind the 'Devils Kettle' is... On the left side of the picture the river is flowing into a hole which it's unknown where it goes, and the right side of the picture, the river continues to flow down stream.

Temperance River, the calm part.
At the head of the Temperance River, the only river that does not have a sand bar at the mouth.
These round like structures were created over time by the river creating pockets where ' the water was easy to flow' and it's like a drill, round and round as it craves out the rock.
Forging the river at Tettegouche!
We did not want to have to walk all the way back, so we looked for a place to cross. We didn't know what to expect so I crossed first, then Jim. The water was not 'rushing' as we thought it was going to be. And we even got to do some rock climbing, it was fun and adventurous.

Wet Feet!
Part of the Tettegouche River.
Falls at Tettegouche.

The cabin we stayed in while in G. Marais, it was small but sweet. Just what we needed since we just slept there, no hanging out, we were on the trails!
So many pictures and not sure which ones to put up, but i'm thinking this is a good glimse of what we got to see. And i sometimes think that one water fall is like all others. In less you know the history.
Jim did a great job researching the parks and we both had a good time hiking and a good work out too.

Friday, July 10, 2009


We took a small trip to the North Shore with many stops and we loved every minute of it.

Day 1: We stayed with Jim's aunt & uncle @ Whiteface Reservoir.
A large lake was created by damming up the Whiteface river.
We went four wheeling, visited the dam, an old Finnish Farmstead and Jim went fishing too!
We certainly enjoyed our stay with Ginny and Jim.
The weather was not so nice but we stayed warm by using the sauna and warm cloths! :-)

Day 2: Duluth & Canal park!
We just happened to be there while a boat was traveling through, so we got to see the bridge lift. We also got to visit some friends, Katie and Brandon and their new, new baby girl (72 hrs new) .

Day 3: Duluth & the North Shore
The Train Depot!
Lots of old trains and history of the railroad used to hall Ore from the Iron Range.
CMW did not make it through, she was tired.

The William A. Irvin ore ship.
One of the only ships in this good of condition to be on display of this age.
The tour of this boat was quite interesting. Jim was so excited, this boat has Boilers and other mechanical things that he knows about.
The tour guy even showed him the boiler room which is off limits.
This is Gooseberry Falls, the weather was much nicer this day and we loved climbing all over the rocks and finding good pictures to take.
The Falls

And Split Rock Light House
It was wonderful as always, I think it has become a bit more commercialized since I was last there, but none the less, it was great to visit.

There is more to come, so stay tuned!