Friday, July 10, 2009


We took a small trip to the North Shore with many stops and we loved every minute of it.

Day 1: We stayed with Jim's aunt & uncle @ Whiteface Reservoir.
A large lake was created by damming up the Whiteface river.
We went four wheeling, visited the dam, an old Finnish Farmstead and Jim went fishing too!
We certainly enjoyed our stay with Ginny and Jim.
The weather was not so nice but we stayed warm by using the sauna and warm cloths! :-)

Day 2: Duluth & Canal park!
We just happened to be there while a boat was traveling through, so we got to see the bridge lift. We also got to visit some friends, Katie and Brandon and their new, new baby girl (72 hrs new) .

Day 3: Duluth & the North Shore
The Train Depot!
Lots of old trains and history of the railroad used to hall Ore from the Iron Range.
CMW did not make it through, she was tired.

The William A. Irvin ore ship.
One of the only ships in this good of condition to be on display of this age.
The tour of this boat was quite interesting. Jim was so excited, this boat has Boilers and other mechanical things that he knows about.
The tour guy even showed him the boiler room which is off limits.
This is Gooseberry Falls, the weather was much nicer this day and we loved climbing all over the rocks and finding good pictures to take.
The Falls

And Split Rock Light House
It was wonderful as always, I think it has become a bit more commercialized since I was last there, but none the less, it was great to visit.

There is more to come, so stay tuned!


Krisanne said...

I love the pictures, so glad you had a good vacation! Love and miss you!

Lyz said...

You guys sure got your money's worth out of that backpack for Miss C! Good for you - getting out there despite having a toddler. Of course, I look for ANY excuse not to hike for miles days in a row...:)