Thursday, July 16, 2009

Here's Day 4 and 5, hiking is so much fun and CMW loved it too. She was able to see and was up looking out, as long as she wasn't sleeping that is. I'm sure we'll be heading back to the North Shore in the future, it was well worth it.
Do we look awake? This was one morning Claire was up around 6:15am and so we got to the trail head by 9:00am. This is on the bridge going to Judge CR Magney. Also know as 'Devils Kettle' is there.

The trail but not all of it was this nice.
Claire fell asleep by the time we got back from hiking to Devils Kettle.
So, the story behind the 'Devils Kettle' is... On the left side of the picture the river is flowing into a hole which it's unknown where it goes, and the right side of the picture, the river continues to flow down stream.

Temperance River, the calm part.
At the head of the Temperance River, the only river that does not have a sand bar at the mouth.
These round like structures were created over time by the river creating pockets where ' the water was easy to flow' and it's like a drill, round and round as it craves out the rock.
Forging the river at Tettegouche!
We did not want to have to walk all the way back, so we looked for a place to cross. We didn't know what to expect so I crossed first, then Jim. The water was not 'rushing' as we thought it was going to be. And we even got to do some rock climbing, it was fun and adventurous.

Wet Feet!
Part of the Tettegouche River.
Falls at Tettegouche.

The cabin we stayed in while in G. Marais, it was small but sweet. Just what we needed since we just slept there, no hanging out, we were on the trails!
So many pictures and not sure which ones to put up, but i'm thinking this is a good glimse of what we got to see. And i sometimes think that one water fall is like all others. In less you know the history.
Jim did a great job researching the parks and we both had a good time hiking and a good work out too.

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Dustin and Chrissy said...

I love your pics!! Looks like a fun vacation!!