Thursday, August 19, 2010

A trip to the Ranch

Yes, my mom calls their place 'Tall Oaks Ranch', a bunch of trees, 1 dog, 2 horses and a newly added cow and calf. It's one of my favorite places! The main reason we went home other then to visit was the 3rd annual Dru Sjodin Purple Elephant run/walk.
Sonja, baby E and I walked the 5k. It was a great morning and a great turn out. Sonja and I got to hang out a bit and get caught up with what's happening in our lives. :-) I also got to see her whole family, what a plus.

While I was walking, C got to hang out with Mawga! They picked red raspberries, went to see the cousins next door, and visited the cow and horses!
This is the only horse she can ride at the Ranch, at least for now! Yee - Haw!!
And you are looking at only part of my parents massive garden behind C and she got to pick green beans, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, and C picked a green tomato, an unauthorized pick I might add.


Nephew J and niece G holding baby E. Doesn't she look so comfortable?

Our nephew Z had his birthday August 6th and we got him a pretty sweet K'nek set. Everyone here is checking out the new set! Jim couldn't wait to open it and see what there was to make, but I reminded him, it's Z's gift, not his!

And while I was walking, Jim got the beauty of hanging out at home with my dad! He helped him put the starter on his old B John Deer and start up the old '67 chevy. It hasn't ran in over 2 years but Saturday was the day to get it running. Not sure what else he found to fix or do but there is always something happening on the ranch.

And last but not least a few pictures to keep those to don't see baby E on a weekly basis up to date.

Baby E, just hanging out, wide awake at 9:30pm after attending a bridal shower (8/7/10)...

Sleeping way (8/19/10)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Big Sister Claire

Claire is a great big sister!
While we were getting ready for our 1st road trip to Pequot, Claire decided to read to Eleanore. Claire didn't even object to E laying on her bed AND her pillow. She just sat down and told me 'Mom, i'm gonna read to Eleanore'.
It was so sweet!

Claire just had to cover Eleanore up with the fly netting, she thought she needed it.

County fair time

A little peak of Claire enjoying the fair!

We visited the petting zoo, walked the hay bail maze, went twice through the Dinosaur Exhibit, visited more farm animals & baby farm animals too, watched some of the 4-h horse show, and rode a few rides. It was super hot by the afternoon since the carnival is located on black, black, black tar but she enjoyed them anyway.

We also visited our neighbors hatchery of button quail and chicken eggs. Of course no pictures, but they are boxes about the size of large dresser drawers that are warm and you sit around and wait. There was one hatching about every 10 minutes or less. It was a big hit along with the live bird exhibit of fancy colored pheasants & chickens.

I think this is a water buffalo.
Goats and i'm pretty sure she asked to slide down the slide too!
The Camel.

She had to ride the chicken on the merry go round.

And just another ride that 'the parent' could go on since C was to little to go by herself. It went up and down and 'round in circles, pretty exciting!

And last but not least, while we were heading to town for the fair, C stated "Dad, I'm gonna see that Donkey!" Jim was telling her, lets go find a donkey at the fair and we didn't even know if there was one, after this comment, we certainly did hope for one.

(I wanted her to say 'Donkey' but wouldn't... she does say Alpaca & then decides to move on to the next animal. :-))