Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bake Potato Pizza

Jim and I made one of the best pizza's we've made in a long time. I thought I'd share our recipe and show off our wonderfully made food.

It's a vegetarian bake potato pizza, sound yummy? Yes, yes in deed it is!
So, try it out, add or take away veggies and enjoy!

potatoes (i used baby reds, purples and yellow)
green onion
red pepper
pizza crust
sour cream
Italian seasoning
canola oil

1. Roast your potatoes first with the following:
@ 350 degrees for 55 mins.
4 c. of 1/2 cubed potatoes (or adjust to your liking)
4 T. canola oil
1 tsp. salt
4 T. garlic
chopped thyme & rosemary leaves (fresh or dried)
2 tsp. Italian seasoning
Mix the potatoes and seasoning, lay out on pan, stirring every 15 minutes.

2.Prepare crust according to package direction or your own hand made crust.

3. Place 1 c. sour cream on crust, then add potatoes, onion, broccoli, red peppers, mushrooms and cheese

3. Bake at 450 degrees for 12-15 minutes

we are 'that' family...

I can now say we are 'that' family! We have the cat, dog, two kids and now this sweet mini van. Oh and I almost forgot to mention our 18 chickens. :-)

Here's another project to show off Jim's great handy work and all the hard work he does for his family!

It seats 7 small butts, a 2006 Ford Windstar SEL; tan, leather, 6 CD disc changer, stow-n-go rear bench, 4.2 V6 and it's a beast (this is a good thing) according to Lexie. :-}

According to Jim this was a 'pretty simple fix'. He found this van at a place in SD and couldn't pass it up. He even had a buddy check it out before buying because it seemed 'to good to be true'. The parts he found were some new and some off of other vans at the junk yard. I wouldn't say this was his most exciting part, tramping through the yard in January looking for parts. But he did it. New to this van is: steering connecting rods, new steering pump, front bumper, right fender, right inner fender liner, hood, radiator, A/C condenser, right head light, wiper fluid reservoir, lower radiator core support, after all this was put in or on, we sent it off for it's paint job.
Now it's good as new and it's our driving machine!

The before shot: taken apart & the front corner that needed to be fixed.
And of course, we decided to personalize our plates to Waa-La.

Cheers to JimWaa for a job well done!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Simply Fun

Running through the sprinkler on a sunny day.
Swinging & under dog pushes
Walking the dog on the leash or rather the dog walking you
Cutting fresh flowers... from the neighbors yard :-]
Watching your favorite show
Reading some good books
Coloring for endless minutes

CMW was a busy girl today and she had fun. Her and little E had some fun with the sprinkler. It helped me remember back in the day when we'd do the same. This time around, she really enjoyed it and we also used the warm water from the back yard hose to warm up! We swung a lot, walked the dog and sometimes Macy walked C. We picked a bunch of flowers for a bouquet, it sure is pretty and CMW colored for I'm sure more then an hour with her markers and just one coloring book. I even got in on coloring of flowers, dresses, purses and more. She enjoys watching Caillou, not sure what it is about that show but i think part of it is all his imagination. It has helped CMW with her, I do know this. And like most days, she found the big brown chair and looked at book after book. Then we get to pick the pile up after she's all done!
Indeed it was a wonderful day!
I Rejoice in the Lord, for our days have not always been this fun or easy going and it's great to know we can have great days like this!

We're curious, what do you find that is Simply Fun?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Girls, jewels and crowns...

One of the many days with my girls; CMW hauled out her box of fancy dress up items. Mind you this was only the crowns, jewels, and shoes and had a good time dressing up her sister, boy did they have fun!
EKW couldn't resist all the fun in the box and C jumped right in to help her! The crown E is wearing was put on by CMW and the necklace was put on by herself. Yes, E knows what to do with a necklace already and has so for a while. I think it's just 'so darn cute' to see her walking around with a mardi gras necklace on. She'll take it off, shake it, then put it back over her head. She is just practicing one more skill she's developing. And it's so nice when the two of them play so nicely. I enjoy each time they play and it seems it's gets better by age. C actually has a lot of fun making E giggle and E loves when C plays with her. This mama can just tell and I enjoy every minute of it!

E checkin' out a crown!

A big smile!

Look at all their stash!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our little girl is getting So Big!

It's almost time for Eleanore's 1st birthday post, so i better get some picture of her from her 1o/11 mos. photo opportunities!

11 mo. bear picture!

Eleanore loves the dog bed... not sure why but it's a place you find her from time to time. And yes, the next picture she is using Macy for a 'seat' and she didn't mind. Hmm, we have a Great dog on our hands!

Climbing and Climbing! In drawers, on baskets, chairs, end tables, up slides. You name it, she'll want to try to scale it. She likes to be high and see, i don't blame her.

And we had s mishap, she took a tumble down the stairs and got a big ouchy! It didn't bruise bad but she had a lump for about 24 hrs. Bad parenting of the day!

Miss E has also been walking, since Mothers Day!! She loves to play outside in the sandbox or swing. G'ma J got a pretty neat swing and E, giggles and giggles as she's pushed. She likes the water but not sure about the sprinkler. She likes to drink of of a cup, a big girl cup. When outside, E just tootles around on her two little legs, climbing on anything she can. She likes to sit in the flower bed or pet the kitty or pup. She just gets a kick out of petting them, again she giggles by the touch. If she can, she'll get a piece of CMW's chalk and color.
She continues to be a joy for our family and CMW enjoys her as a sister!