Thursday, June 23, 2011

Simply Fun

Running through the sprinkler on a sunny day.
Swinging & under dog pushes
Walking the dog on the leash or rather the dog walking you
Cutting fresh flowers... from the neighbors yard :-]
Watching your favorite show
Reading some good books
Coloring for endless minutes

CMW was a busy girl today and she had fun. Her and little E had some fun with the sprinkler. It helped me remember back in the day when we'd do the same. This time around, she really enjoyed it and we also used the warm water from the back yard hose to warm up! We swung a lot, walked the dog and sometimes Macy walked C. We picked a bunch of flowers for a bouquet, it sure is pretty and CMW colored for I'm sure more then an hour with her markers and just one coloring book. I even got in on coloring of flowers, dresses, purses and more. She enjoys watching Caillou, not sure what it is about that show but i think part of it is all his imagination. It has helped CMW with her, I do know this. And like most days, she found the big brown chair and looked at book after book. Then we get to pick the pile up after she's all done!
Indeed it was a wonderful day!
I Rejoice in the Lord, for our days have not always been this fun or easy going and it's great to know we can have great days like this!

We're curious, what do you find that is Simply Fun?

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