Saturday, June 18, 2011

Girls, jewels and crowns...

One of the many days with my girls; CMW hauled out her box of fancy dress up items. Mind you this was only the crowns, jewels, and shoes and had a good time dressing up her sister, boy did they have fun!
EKW couldn't resist all the fun in the box and C jumped right in to help her! The crown E is wearing was put on by CMW and the necklace was put on by herself. Yes, E knows what to do with a necklace already and has so for a while. I think it's just 'so darn cute' to see her walking around with a mardi gras necklace on. She'll take it off, shake it, then put it back over her head. She is just practicing one more skill she's developing. And it's so nice when the two of them play so nicely. I enjoy each time they play and it seems it's gets better by age. C actually has a lot of fun making E giggle and E loves when C plays with her. This mama can just tell and I enjoy every minute of it!

E checkin' out a crown!

A big smile!

Look at all their stash!

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Krisanne said...

I can't believe how grown up Miss E looks! They are both adorable! And I can't believe she's walking all by herself already! Jonah is close, but not yet, which is ok with me. :) Love the pictures and love you!