Saturday, June 25, 2011

we are 'that' family...

I can now say we are 'that' family! We have the cat, dog, two kids and now this sweet mini van. Oh and I almost forgot to mention our 18 chickens. :-)

Here's another project to show off Jim's great handy work and all the hard work he does for his family!

It seats 7 small butts, a 2006 Ford Windstar SEL; tan, leather, 6 CD disc changer, stow-n-go rear bench, 4.2 V6 and it's a beast (this is a good thing) according to Lexie. :-}

According to Jim this was a 'pretty simple fix'. He found this van at a place in SD and couldn't pass it up. He even had a buddy check it out before buying because it seemed 'to good to be true'. The parts he found were some new and some off of other vans at the junk yard. I wouldn't say this was his most exciting part, tramping through the yard in January looking for parts. But he did it. New to this van is: steering connecting rods, new steering pump, front bumper, right fender, right inner fender liner, hood, radiator, A/C condenser, right head light, wiper fluid reservoir, lower radiator core support, after all this was put in or on, we sent it off for it's paint job.
Now it's good as new and it's our driving machine!

The before shot: taken apart & the front corner that needed to be fixed.
And of course, we decided to personalize our plates to Waa-La.

Cheers to JimWaa for a job well done!

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