Monday, November 30, 2009

Check this Out, a give away!

At Today's Give Away there is a chance to win a $25.00 shopping spree at This ends on this Friday the 4th @ 11:59 MST.
Story Time felts is all about teaching through felt story telling. It looks pretty cool and if want to take the time to enter to win, here's the Today's Give Away site to read all about it.
Good Luck!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Knee-high boots & socks & ...

CMW loves to put on my on my stuff... just about anything that she can figure out or that we will help with. So here's a bit of what she's been up to.
Knee-high boots...
socks... also knee-high
And last but not least, a bikini... this was tied on by her father and I'll let you know this wasn't the only day that she has worn this bikini, what a crazy kid.
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Jim took these great pictures of CMW. She found this cookie in a plastic bag from my bag and thought she was going to be sneaky. She was sitting in the chair quietly eating the cookie and thinking maybe no one would notice. But her dad found her and couldn't resist taking some shots of her being so happy with her chocolate cookie.

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The beauty of Greenery

I'm so excited, we bought this Christmas swag from our neighbor boy who's a boy scout and it came just in time for... Thanksgiving! Yes, it came this last week and now we'll be able to enjoy our swag all of December. Maybe a little snow will come and it will look even better with a little white dusting on it's needles. Plus this sway is quite large. I was thinking a small one would look great on our door but when this one came, it was definitely not going on the door. It's at least 3 ft in length and it's smells wonderful. As you can tell it's not on the door due to it's size but next to our front entrance so we can enjoy the beauty.
All the same, it's beautiful and I'm Thankful for this great piece of greenery for the holiday season!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A new groove...

I'm in for a new groove... meaning the lack of motivation is getting a bit old. As winter approaches, I'm super excited for it's winterly/shimmery look but for me, i'm not sure how it will go. I want to be ahead of the game meaning, I'm gonna get out my light-lamp, keep up with volleyball and walking at the mall and my social interaction. And get my motivation soaring. I am now done with the sub-nanny position and I'm done being sick, I'm ready to get into gear. Meaning (taking my oath) schedule appropriately, get stuff done that I want too, don't procrastinate, and delegate (to the husband). We are all done being sick and we all had our dose of fevers & aches and now we are ready for the holiday seasons!
Oh, for the love of Thanksgiving! We are staying in Prosper (no traveling!) and spending it at the in-laws. And my good friend Paula is coming to Moorhead for the Thanksgiving holiday and I get to see her, yeah!!
Anyway, back to a new groove thing. I feel I'm always in a slump and I just want to get out. I'm not sure what that will take besides not being sick, getting enough sleep & food and just finding the motivation. Plus a little time alone might help too. SO...
What I have decided I can do is put on hold and resist any sewing for the store that I contribute to. I have also set the goal of getting some stuff done for my family and friends and made a check list (those are important for me to get things done). I just need to figure out the alone time (delegation maybe? or friends?). I'll keep you posted on how things go. You can bet, I'll be trying to find my motivation by getting my sewing room prepped for a few good cuttings, a lap quilts, a wall hanging and possible a small table runner. I'm getting excited already!
The one thing that isn't in a slump which I'm quite impressed about is, I've gotten good at pre-planning meals for at least 3 nights a week. This is super sweet when I know what I'm going to make and how long it will take. And Jim loves this too because dinner will be ready by 5:30 just after he gets home and then he has the rest of the night to do what he wants. It's also nice because after you clean up, you actually have some of your evening to get something done, like sewing and putting my kid-o to bed (which her dad does frequently!).
So, wish me luck with getting a new groove and say a couple of good prayers for us, CMW and I need them each and everyday to make it through.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Festivities

Our Halloween weekend was wonderful with nice, warm weather. :-)
I was able to get out by myself to a local craft fair and boy were those ladies pushy. Not the way to get me to buy so I was in luck and saved my money. :-) I was also able to catch up on the chicken 'cares' too. They are growing like weeds and are much more adventerous. CMW likes them too and they are not as afraid of her either. So after a day of miscellaneous stuff, like carving pumpkins, sewing and spending time with CMW Jim talked me into trick or treating in the 'neighborhood'.

CMW in her ladybug costume. I also made her a tutu
but decided it was to chilly to wear that gid-up.

Lets just say it took us 2 hours to get to 5 houses. Our neighbors love trick or treaters and there isn't any kids out in our area anymore, so they were so excited to see our CMW. We even got about 10 new kid books. Now this is what I call quality trick or treating!

I use a glove to clean out the pumpkin because the pumpkin guts
burn my skin and CMW had to try it out too.
Just checkin' out what's between the teeth of our pumpkin.
Pointing, what's inside?
And this was totally caught by accident... not sure why she thought she needed to kiss the pumpkin but she did.

Sunday I was your happy greeter at church and saw a friend from college and we used to room together. Haven't seen them since Halloween 2006 but i'm glad they are back in town. They are church shopping and they have two super cute kids, their newest addition was just added 6 wks ago. So besides starting my day off with a bang, the sun was out and the leaves were calling our names. I guess I should say, Jim started it all. Him and CMW went out and raked up the nice crisp, crunchy leaves and then we started jumpin' in. I also soaked up the last bit of sun before winter really comes and the sun really disappears from this area of the US. It's also not a weekend if i didn't get some sewing projects started or finished. And since i'm only home for 3 nights a week i was catching up on laundry and house work that just doesn't get done by it's self.

It was a nice weekend to be home and whatever you did this holiday weekend, we hope you had a nice, eventful weekend as well.