Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Fun at the Pool.

This was a long week, no dad (he was on a work trip), coming back from vacation sick and the weather was a bit to warm to spend a super long time outside, lets not mention those skeeters. So I got the idea, 'we'll go to the pool on Friday!' just to have some fun. I planed to arrive in the AM, and then run errands and get home for afternoon rest time. Wrong. The pools don't open until 1:00pm. I wish they opened sooner since I don't enjoy being out in the hot sun, let along needing to put gobs of sunscreen on. But I rolled with the change of plans and just swapped the schedule and it worked fine. CMW had a great time and so did littler sister. I have not ventured this route this summer since I knew it would be a little tricky watching CMW since she's a fish. And EKW, she likes to be free but you can't let a little one like her wander. She did do great though, we tried out the life jacket some and the the 1ft. pool as well. And thankfully it was not as hot as it has been. Now that we've been, I know i can manage both of them and we'll be planning a few more outings before they close up for the season.
Wish I had a few pictures to share but the camera was not in my possession!

Happy Weekend!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A little apron project !

I received this apron as a gift from my SIL for Christmas, it was such a simple (a kit), fun project, but I couldn't leave it simple. I had to make it a little more user friendly.
The changes I made:
- it's reversible by using a batik fabric from Indonesia, my girlfriend Krisanne sent me some time ago. I am excited to finally use it and feel its put to good use!
- the neck strap I attached using a D-ring so I don't have to tie it.
- I places the pockets at an angle instead of straight since I always seem to be uncomfortable when my hands are in the pockets of an apron.
And BONUS: what I love about this apron the most is it's super long ties!! It goes around and ties in the front leaving room to slip a towel in between the straps.
Some of you maybe know how you always loose your towel in the kitchen, right? Well this way, it always sticks with me. :-)

CMW trying on my apron & does not like pictures taken of her.

Here's me with the full few and my slanted pockets! :-)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flowers and the Girls

A little of this and a little of that...
and mostly pictures for my family and friends who enjoy checking out our family!

EKW in the swing, she certainly does enjoy this activity, especially with her sister.

A white lily I transplanted 2 summers ago and finally came up. I was excited, these flower are just beautiful.

Celebrating Eleanore one more time with our good friends G & L!

These pink lilies (hard to tell here) I have been trying to grow on the north side of my house for 3 years and they have finally bloomed. Boy was I excited when I saw them this week one early morning!

CMW accessorizing EKW, she actually did very well! These girls just have some fun some days. :-)

And last but least, a goofy picture of CMW!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Fun!

We headed to the Waa cabin(s) for a little fun in the sun. It's a little complicated but we spent time at the cabin on Lake Sallie and we spent time at the 'work in progress' cabin on Silent Lake as well.
beach fun at lake sallie

We played on the beach, CMW went swimming with her dad and her mom. Eleanore enjoyed the waters edge even though she did venture into the water a little as well. And we had a little fun with fire works, and kid safe ones, like sliders and little snaps you throw on the ground and go 'snap'. Harmless besides the noise. :-)

Eleanore and cousin L @ Lake Sallie.
Climbing on the hearth, never a dull moment with her.

On the 4th we went to Erhard MN to celebrate the 4th with a parade and since the little place we perched at did not have anyone near, we made out on the candy. A little to much and I started to say 'no' half way through to candy givers.

A fun story coming from the parade includes a banana!
A float was giving out banana's and we of course receive one. All of the candy we were gathering we put in the front stroller seat along with the banana, well Eleanore could see there was something good coming from there and went to check it out. CMW did not approve of her interest in candy (either did this mama) in which she grabs the banana and say 'here Eleanore' and sends her off to her dad.
It was just a comical moment and Eleanore gladly accepted.
Eleanore, the banana and her daddy!

And last but not least a trip to Silent lake is never with out working, so Mr. Waa helped his dad out and I got the pleasure of watching the girls. Not so simple in a construction zone, but we made it out with no bumps or bruises. Eleanore did find everything imaginable, climbed on every latter, up unstable steps, step stools, piles of wood, the dust, and much more! CMW was ready to go home and was just content sitting in the swing sorting through the candy stash and waving at her dad has he went up and down on the fork lift putting in windows.

It was a warm, wonderful 4th and as a friend puts it 'this ones for the memory books'!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birthday Celebration!

A simple birthday celebration for our 1 year old, Eleanore.
A visit to the zoo, dinner with family and a few small gifts.

Cake! I made an Oatmeal cake with coconut glaze frosting. It was yummy!
And of course I had to make something for her, so I tried my hand at applique. It isn't tricky but it takes time. I spelled 'one' out on the bottom left side of her shirt but it did not come though on any of the pics. Now I know for next time about placement.

This little donkey thought Eleanore had something yummy to share, he was mistaken.

Riding double with sister Claire on the Carousel at the zoo.

Her birthday shirt from g.g'ma Shirley. 'I'm the birthday girl!' Adorned with a 3-d cupcake.

The zoo here in town isn't huge and I am sure she'll enjoy it more when she is older but it was a beautiful day, she enjoyed petting the goats and seeing all the animals, and that carousel ride was a real joy. I could tell with from all her giggles and squeals.
An enjoyable day for our adorable Eleanore and we Thank the Lord for her always.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The eggs will be coming soon.

We have a new batch of chickens and recently we added some older ones to the flock. We bought 13 for the end of March. And now we have 5 11 mos. chickens producing eggs. Plus, i was asked to take 4 for a friend who had them at the library, a little something extra for the kids to look at I guess. We have a few to many now for our coop but by the end of fall most of them will find new homes and plus they are out free ranging most of the time so it does not matter much.

The Mr. who will be leaving soon, I hope.

The light red/brown little chickens close to the fence are our New Hampshire reds, the black/white are the Barron Rocks and the dark red (there are 2) are the new birds and i did not get the breed name. Our friends went to a bird auction and got them for us.
So there ya have it, our new flock. I can't wait for full time egg pickin' days!

Kitty Sage perched on the fence watching the chickens.