Monday, July 25, 2011

A little apron project !

I received this apron as a gift from my SIL for Christmas, it was such a simple (a kit), fun project, but I couldn't leave it simple. I had to make it a little more user friendly.
The changes I made:
- it's reversible by using a batik fabric from Indonesia, my girlfriend Krisanne sent me some time ago. I am excited to finally use it and feel its put to good use!
- the neck strap I attached using a D-ring so I don't have to tie it.
- I places the pockets at an angle instead of straight since I always seem to be uncomfortable when my hands are in the pockets of an apron.
And BONUS: what I love about this apron the most is it's super long ties!! It goes around and ties in the front leaving room to slip a towel in between the straps.
Some of you maybe know how you always loose your towel in the kitchen, right? Well this way, it always sticks with me. :-)

CMW trying on my apron & does not like pictures taken of her.

Here's me with the full few and my slanted pockets! :-)

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Krisanne said...

So fun that you got to use that fabric! Looks beautiful! Love you and miss you, dear friend!