Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Fun at the Pool.

This was a long week, no dad (he was on a work trip), coming back from vacation sick and the weather was a bit to warm to spend a super long time outside, lets not mention those skeeters. So I got the idea, 'we'll go to the pool on Friday!' just to have some fun. I planed to arrive in the AM, and then run errands and get home for afternoon rest time. Wrong. The pools don't open until 1:00pm. I wish they opened sooner since I don't enjoy being out in the hot sun, let along needing to put gobs of sunscreen on. But I rolled with the change of plans and just swapped the schedule and it worked fine. CMW had a great time and so did littler sister. I have not ventured this route this summer since I knew it would be a little tricky watching CMW since she's a fish. And EKW, she likes to be free but you can't let a little one like her wander. She did do great though, we tried out the life jacket some and the the 1ft. pool as well. And thankfully it was not as hot as it has been. Now that we've been, I know i can manage both of them and we'll be planning a few more outings before they close up for the season.
Wish I had a few pictures to share but the camera was not in my possession!

Happy Weekend!

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