Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flowers and the Girls

A little of this and a little of that...
and mostly pictures for my family and friends who enjoy checking out our family!

EKW in the swing, she certainly does enjoy this activity, especially with her sister.

A white lily I transplanted 2 summers ago and finally came up. I was excited, these flower are just beautiful.

Celebrating Eleanore one more time with our good friends G & L!

These pink lilies (hard to tell here) I have been trying to grow on the north side of my house for 3 years and they have finally bloomed. Boy was I excited when I saw them this week one early morning!

CMW accessorizing EKW, she actually did very well! These girls just have some fun some days. :-)

And last but least, a goofy picture of CMW!


Krisanne said...

Love all the pictures! Such beautiful girls! Wish we could stop by and play with you...

Sarah said...

ha ha! I love the last pic of C-Waa! What am I going to do when I cannot see you three girls (and Pa-Waa) for two weeks??