Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birthday Celebration!

A simple birthday celebration for our 1 year old, Eleanore.
A visit to the zoo, dinner with family and a few small gifts.

Cake! I made an Oatmeal cake with coconut glaze frosting. It was yummy!
And of course I had to make something for her, so I tried my hand at applique. It isn't tricky but it takes time. I spelled 'one' out on the bottom left side of her shirt but it did not come though on any of the pics. Now I know for next time about placement.

This little donkey thought Eleanore had something yummy to share, he was mistaken.

Riding double with sister Claire on the Carousel at the zoo.

Her birthday shirt from g.g'ma Shirley. 'I'm the birthday girl!' Adorned with a 3-d cupcake.

The zoo here in town isn't huge and I am sure she'll enjoy it more when she is older but it was a beautiful day, she enjoyed petting the goats and seeing all the animals, and that carousel ride was a real joy. I could tell with from all her giggles and squeals.
An enjoyable day for our adorable Eleanore and we Thank the Lord for her always.

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