Saturday, October 30, 2010

The first big trip

The first big trip or should I say the first long trip since have have gone home to see my parents more then once. We made the venture to the twin cities to visit family who hadn't yet seen Miss E and of course to shop! And everything turned out pretty well. It took us about 1.5 hrs to get out of Fargo since baby E was not happy with her seat and I had to make sure she wasn't hungry, had a burp or messy pants. But after all that and a few miles of crying we made it with out stopping. Phew.

Jim, CMW and EKW.
The gigantic mum plant at my g'ma's house.
The lovely g'ma Shirley!

Friday, October 29, 2010

You should of had a V8

Yes, Miss CMW likes to drink V8 and she looked at me with this grin and V8 from cheek to cheek saying 'Mmm, Yummy!' .

15 weeks

I was doing so well getting short and simple blog posts posted and then the time gets away and the evenings are sucked into doing other projects. Like sewing or house duties or children. We (the 4 of us) have a pretty good routine but I myself am not yet disciplined enough to get everything that needs to get done besides what I want to get done. Does this happen to anyone else? So, here is baby E, at 15 weeks. She is just so darn fun, I love it! And CMW is getting to be much more fun too!

I'm bias but, isn't she just a cutie! ? !
And I love pink on my girls, especially monochromatic pink!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Claire and all her doings

A few pictures of what Claire has been up to!

CMW got this cool new dolly stroller! A friend called me from a garage sale letting me know about this. I knew she would like it, so i got it for her. She enjoys taking her dollies for walks around the yard.
Playing dress-up while visiting friends. She had a lot of fun with all the new stuff.
The chickens really like CMW mostly because she gives them food! How nice of her! And here they are following her around. They come running every time they see you.
CMW is also into anything that deals with very fine motor skills. We do lots of coloring with markers, make a mark with each one, putting on the cap and then putting them into a row. Stickers, more the merrier! We have a sticker book that also has pages with simple directions and games or counting or ABC activities. For the most part she is doing really well with it. And painting, she loves to paint. I might go broke buying paper and paints for the little lady. She also is being instructed with the Montessori method of teaching. A friend of ours is doing this with her along with her own children. Claire is reallying enjoying this and I am thankful, it is challenging for Claire but she does very well too.

And of course she is continuing to be a great big sister!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

One more visit

Jim and I finally got up north to visit our friends Paul & Krisanne and baby Jonah before they head out soon for the other side of the world. We are going to miss them but are so excited for them to get back and get into the groove once again.
It was a great visit and beautiful weather to enjoy. Fall right now is amazing and perfect which I don't say very often about ND weather. It was great to have our little ones outside and for CMW to play and run around with out being cold.
Jonah and Eleanore are 3 weeks apart and it is fun to share stories (& complaints) of motherhood with Krisanne. Even though there are few complaints, right Krisanne?

Love you and always Praying! - The Waa's

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A little fun at the Parade

Jim and I were invited to go watch the NDSU Homecoming parade with two of his buddies and their families. All of us are alumni except for one but we still allow her in. :-) I haven't been to the homecoming parade since 2001, which was my very first homecoming experience and i didn't go back. It was just a bit to ridiculous for me but this event wasn't to bad. We got just the right amount of candy, there were a couple of pretty good floats and of course the political parties were out parading their name.

The little man over on the right is one of CMW's pretty good playmates.
He is always wearing his shades.
CMW is not sure what to think about all this parade business.
She was most excited about the horses and least excited about the firetrucks, the sirens are scary.
And a Thanks goes out to Katy for buying this cute little Smurfs bag for her candy! :-)