Thursday, October 7, 2010

One more visit

Jim and I finally got up north to visit our friends Paul & Krisanne and baby Jonah before they head out soon for the other side of the world. We are going to miss them but are so excited for them to get back and get into the groove once again.
It was a great visit and beautiful weather to enjoy. Fall right now is amazing and perfect which I don't say very often about ND weather. It was great to have our little ones outside and for CMW to play and run around with out being cold.
Jonah and Eleanore are 3 weeks apart and it is fun to share stories (& complaints) of motherhood with Krisanne. Even though there are few complaints, right Krisanne?

Love you and always Praying! - The Waa's

1 comment:

Krisanne said...

We love you, too! Thanks for being great friends and for coming up to see us one last time! And yes, not too many complaints! :) Miss you already...