Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A little fun at the Parade

Jim and I were invited to go watch the NDSU Homecoming parade with two of his buddies and their families. All of us are alumni except for one but we still allow her in. :-) I haven't been to the homecoming parade since 2001, which was my very first homecoming experience and i didn't go back. It was just a bit to ridiculous for me but this event wasn't to bad. We got just the right amount of candy, there were a couple of pretty good floats and of course the political parties were out parading their name.

The little man over on the right is one of CMW's pretty good playmates.
He is always wearing his shades.
CMW is not sure what to think about all this parade business.
She was most excited about the horses and least excited about the firetrucks, the sirens are scary.
And a Thanks goes out to Katy for buying this cute little Smurfs bag for her candy! :-)

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