Friday, March 27, 2015

Month: November Year: 2014

November was a quite month, we visited MN for Thanksgiving, and tried to stay warm without any snow. No snow has come here in our prairie land. It's a bit frustrating, cold is no fun without snow. 

I have some cute kids! Not sure why I took this, maybe to send to their dad at work, or maybe EKW was winding up her pasta really well, or eating pistachios nuts is a big thing? Not sure, but it made the post!!   

   The baby boy wanted to put Cee-Cee in this tiny lantern. Where he get's his ideas, I am not sure. But we tried, a little and she did not fit. :)

We were asked to a Bison Game ( I think in Sept. or Oct) and it was loud and fun! The 4 adults and 2 kids all had a fun time! That baby, baby E who is hiding in the pouch, was sleeping, snuggled with his mama!  :-)   

Bunny Cee-Cee and CW! Sticking up her ears, to make sure we know she has them! ;) 

The pup, Macy. I found her in the bath tub with about an 1" of water. I believe she found a source for water.  
And this stove, the stove I grew up with, it a heat pumping machine. I love it and I love wood heat. It is a lot of work and time to cut wood and make sure it's dry, but it's great heat. 

Have you heard of the shop Other's, in Fargo ND?  It's a shop that gives back twice.  I found this new bowl, which is now my soap bowl to add to my already all white bathroom. It makes me smile each time I see it.  

We visited MN for Thanksgiving and went ice skating on East twin lake. It was smooth and was easy to skate on.  CW loves to skate and at my girlfriend's parent's house, they have this fun Norwegian thing. I can't remember what it is called! Goodness! It's a pole in the ice and a long pole hooked to a sled, someone pushes and pushed. Gravity throws you off in less you have got lot's of strength to hold on. That name, i'll need to think about it.

Happening events of October 2014

Here's to October! Homecoming for NDSU, halloween, a trip to visit family in MN, and a few random's thrown in.  Cheers! 

I like fire trucks, especially ones that are painted nicely! 

 Ready, Set, Launch! 

Looking through pictures, my kids have grown in just a few sort months. Wow!

We tried water color painting, AHW decided he'd try licking the color soon after the brush was not working. I did get a fun picture out of his strokes.  EKW, she got some help with stencil drawing and then painting the girls she stenciled out. She has a lot of fun.  

Halloween 2014. A singer (w/tattoo's on her cheeks), Cinderella, the dress is under all her other random cloths. Small Paul Bunyan with Babe the blue ox. :)

And Cee-Cee is still around. She loves to sit in this basket of junk. Why, I'm not sure but here the basket is holding a staple gun, hat, a bag of aprons and misc. papers. I know, I'm a junk collector; in small places, then it drives me batty and the I clean like a made women. :-0 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Chahinkapa Zoo in Whapeton ND

A family outing to the Zoo a few hrs south.  They have big cat's and buffalo, zebra's and monkeys.  A mini farm and a big brown bear. Which was taking a bath when we passed by. :)  It was a great trip, warm weather and our little people had a good time. 

 Part of the Odder exhibit.  I'm not sure why we didn't take more, but the pool is above ground and you can watch them swim.  I'm pretty sure this girl in the picture could of stayed and watched for a long time.

 Kangaroo's and tortoises, where you could go in their pen and get up close.  

 One set of big cats, along with Siberian tigers (one white, one orange). 

There was big horn sheep, llama's with new babies, buffalo, and lot's of birds! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A few more 1st pictures

Jim was in charge of pictures this year since he was getting Ms. C on the bus.  I told him I was not going through that torture. :-0   The bus riding went fine and so did the pictures!  And now that I got them off the phone, they are here to view. Simple and sweet! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Adventures at the Red River Zoo!

It just so happens that our electric coop offers a free day at our local zoo.  We have not taken them up on their offer before but this time we decided to drive back to town for a very nice, but windy few hours.  Why not go? It is partly due to how simple the zoo really is (simple animals, small, but it really is great for kids) but since we had not visited for 2 years, we decided to see what was new. And there were many new improvements, changes of animals, new landscaping, and added animals. 

Here's a few pictures to show you some of the kids' fun!

These are gigantic colored pencils, if you didn't look close enough.  They are incredibly awesome and are a great way to make a privacy fence fun! 

 And carousel rides, can't pass up rides on a musical-go-round riding a horse! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

'she Seams nice' - a new sewing adventure

I have sewn, for many years (16 to be exact), and have always enjoyed it. Here's the kicker, I really like to give away my sewing gifts and I need a bit of something extra to help with this. :-0 Because once a gift giver, always a gift giver! I am starting 'she Seams nice'.  And here's where I really was encouraged.

The latest and greatest fabric store to open, has encouraged me to offer my sewing services to their customers. To get a business card or 20 out on the table, they are sure they can fill my cup with orders. While all that sounds wonderful, I do hope I will get some custom orders, but not to many. You know, I am a mom of three, one in school, one whom I should be prepping for kindergarten a bit more and my sweet little boy, who's 16 mos.  Let alone all the laundry, food prep and serving, fun, tickle sessions, cleaning, devotions, and ministry I am involved in. Um, yes... it's daily life, that I try to keep simple. SIMPLE.
With all of that, I MAKE time to sew, it's my road to sanity, my alone time, a quite time, a time of focus, success in another form, creative juices flowing, and relaxation. When I am sewing the hubs picks up the other end, I am thankful for this.

Since I have started my Facebook page (because the hubs recommended it since I am not writing a blog) and made it public, I have had quite a few friends ask to use me. It's all of a sudden a time of new projects or in the near future! It's exciting, to be creating for others, to help their home become more welcoming and how they would like it to be.  I am certainly working on the 'do I want to do this project, yes or no?'.  'Is it worth my time?' Which is all necessary when I have a life on the other side of the sewing machine to accommodate too.  

she Seams nice  
your mom would approve... 

This name comes from my husband, over a two week span he was mumbling words to me, I'd write them down. Then the 'ah -ha' moment came, in he comes from working on his car. 'Here's the name Lexie'. It is catchy, people will smile after they read it, and with the stigma of sewing as such a boring and non-exciting task, I think it will get people thinking in a whole new way.  Sewing is coming back, even though expensive, custom or not, it's the way you get what you want. 

Business cards came in, now I just need to get them to a few stores and I am set. 

Here's to a new adventure! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

News from School

 Claire started school on the 20th of August.  The first three days were a little rough, as in not enough energy. But she felt comfortable enough to sleep on the bus, I am thankful for this.  

She enjoys her teacher I believe, she is one of those kids, that can see the nice in almost anyone. I know the only reason I didn't like a teacher was when they were to stern about something and they really didn't need to be. Talking normal would of gotten the job done. 

I ask her, what was one interesting event of the day?  Something that happened good or bad.  It helps with getting her to share about her day instead of her 'I don't know' response.

Here is one, "Did you know Mrs. Braundenberg is not there?" "And do you know Mr. Bastin and now there is a Mrs. Bastin!"  "She's our new music teacher."  "We got chairs instead of carpet."  "Those two are probably married, she had two pictures on he desk. One of her and her little girl and one with her husband" Did you follow all of that?  One music teacher is gone, and the new music teacher is Mrs. Bastin, and she is married to Mr. Bastin. 

"Miles and Tyler (name change) are still in Kindergarten, but that is okay. They have a new teacher too". 
Claire is so sweet, easily understands that it's okay they are not in first grade. 

She is also sad, one of her friends and classmates from last year moved away.  "Mom, she's going to a different school, I asked Sandy". That explains why they never returned calls from the summer, they weren't even here. 

I will have to post some pictures at a later date. The husband took the pictures and i have not been able to email them to me. 

More news on school later! Cheers!