Thursday, September 4, 2014

News from School

 Claire started school on the 20th of August.  The first three days were a little rough, as in not enough energy. But she felt comfortable enough to sleep on the bus, I am thankful for this.  

She enjoys her teacher I believe, she is one of those kids, that can see the nice in almost anyone. I know the only reason I didn't like a teacher was when they were to stern about something and they really didn't need to be. Talking normal would of gotten the job done. 

I ask her, what was one interesting event of the day?  Something that happened good or bad.  It helps with getting her to share about her day instead of her 'I don't know' response.

Here is one, "Did you know Mrs. Braundenberg is not there?" "And do you know Mr. Bastin and now there is a Mrs. Bastin!"  "She's our new music teacher."  "We got chairs instead of carpet."  "Those two are probably married, she had two pictures on he desk. One of her and her little girl and one with her husband" Did you follow all of that?  One music teacher is gone, and the new music teacher is Mrs. Bastin, and she is married to Mr. Bastin. 

"Miles and Tyler (name change) are still in Kindergarten, but that is okay. They have a new teacher too". 
Claire is so sweet, easily understands that it's okay they are not in first grade. 

She is also sad, one of her friends and classmates from last year moved away.  "Mom, she's going to a different school, I asked Sandy". That explains why they never returned calls from the summer, they weren't even here. 

I will have to post some pictures at a later date. The husband took the pictures and i have not been able to email them to me. 

More news on school later! Cheers! 

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