Monday, September 8, 2014

'she Seams nice' - a new sewing adventure

I have sewn, for many years (16 to be exact), and have always enjoyed it. Here's the kicker, I really like to give away my sewing gifts and I need a bit of something extra to help with this. :-0 Because once a gift giver, always a gift giver! I am starting 'she Seams nice'.  And here's where I really was encouraged.

The latest and greatest fabric store to open, has encouraged me to offer my sewing services to their customers. To get a business card or 20 out on the table, they are sure they can fill my cup with orders. While all that sounds wonderful, I do hope I will get some custom orders, but not to many. You know, I am a mom of three, one in school, one whom I should be prepping for kindergarten a bit more and my sweet little boy, who's 16 mos.  Let alone all the laundry, food prep and serving, fun, tickle sessions, cleaning, devotions, and ministry I am involved in. Um, yes... it's daily life, that I try to keep simple. SIMPLE.
With all of that, I MAKE time to sew, it's my road to sanity, my alone time, a quite time, a time of focus, success in another form, creative juices flowing, and relaxation. When I am sewing the hubs picks up the other end, I am thankful for this.

Since I have started my Facebook page (because the hubs recommended it since I am not writing a blog) and made it public, I have had quite a few friends ask to use me. It's all of a sudden a time of new projects or in the near future! It's exciting, to be creating for others, to help their home become more welcoming and how they would like it to be.  I am certainly working on the 'do I want to do this project, yes or no?'.  'Is it worth my time?' Which is all necessary when I have a life on the other side of the sewing machine to accommodate too.  

she Seams nice  
your mom would approve... 

This name comes from my husband, over a two week span he was mumbling words to me, I'd write them down. Then the 'ah -ha' moment came, in he comes from working on his car. 'Here's the name Lexie'. It is catchy, people will smile after they read it, and with the stigma of sewing as such a boring and non-exciting task, I think it will get people thinking in a whole new way.  Sewing is coming back, even though expensive, custom or not, it's the way you get what you want. 

Business cards came in, now I just need to get them to a few stores and I am set. 

Here's to a new adventure! 

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