Saturday, September 20, 2014

Adventures at the Red River Zoo!

It just so happens that our electric coop offers a free day at our local zoo.  We have not taken them up on their offer before but this time we decided to drive back to town for a very nice, but windy few hours.  Why not go? It is partly due to how simple the zoo really is (simple animals, small, but it really is great for kids) but since we had not visited for 2 years, we decided to see what was new. And there were many new improvements, changes of animals, new landscaping, and added animals. 

Here's a few pictures to show you some of the kids' fun!

These are gigantic colored pencils, if you didn't look close enough.  They are incredibly awesome and are a great way to make a privacy fence fun! 

 And carousel rides, can't pass up rides on a musical-go-round riding a horse! 

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