Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sparklers and Smoke bombs

Who knew one could  get colored smoke bombs! 

 Jim with all the kids; waiting somewhat patiently for him to light them up.  He even let all of them throw one out, but the urgency didn't not always get through like it should have. No incidents, but goodness when we say 'Throw it!', it does not mean 'hold on to it, then throw it'. Right?
EW with her sparkler! 

One of the cats even got to see the show.

CW with her sparkler! 

Cousin G, not quite sure what to think of it. She's a little wimpy when it came to just whirling it around and having fun with them.

This was the extent of our fireworks, we forgot to shoot of the rest. Oh, well.  I think all this was enough excitement for our evening. 

(sorry for the post to be somewhat out of order, it's call 'catch up' and I am going to blog with what pictures I have from the summer!  :)  Stay tune.)

until next time,
Lexie ><>