Thursday, September 30, 2010

The "Cabin"

I call it the 4 season cabin, the nephew calls it the 'castle' but really it will be house when finished. It was great of Jim to help out with this gigantic project on and off this summer and the past two summers. For some of you who don't know, his parents are building this from the bottom up and it takes a lot of time and help.

The Waa family cabin - A living room upstairs is going to have a vaulted ceiling and those pretty rafters to look at! Jim and his dad put them up a few weeks ago. There are three bedroom and two baths with living room space downstairs and two bedrooms and 2 baths upstairs with kitchen, dining and living room space. And of course a two stall garage. :-) And the super tall chimney, it's for two different fireplaces, one up and one down. The roof and walls will be completely sheeted, roofed and wrapped by winter, which means soon for this up north area where fall is short and winter can be long.

disclaimer: If Jim would of wrote this post instead of me, one would of gotten much more information about this project but this is all I got to share and the picture just helps to know how far this project has progressed!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One more project down

We have been working, let's say Jim (& my dad helped a bit too) has been working on getting the house ready to paint all summer. And, yes it has just taken this long, with a new baby, the 4 season cabin he's helping build and then all the fun added in, it's just that way. This last weekend was gorgeous, amazing temps, not a lot of wind and an all around pretty good ND weekend. Jim got the bug to start painting since the sanding and priming was almost finished and I requested to Jim that at least the west side of our house needs to be painted by winter so i wouldn't have to look at a poke-a-dot house every time I came home. With this in mind, Jim started painting the west side and realized this project is going a lot faster then anticipated. This is when he decided he was going to get all the green finished by Sunday, he started on Saturday afternoon keep in mind. After church Jim was talking to some good friends at church about his project and the Mrs. said, 'we'll take CMW and the Mr. can come and help you guys paint so you can get this project done', I said that would great! Wan't this so awesome of her? And so, our super friend Mr. A came out to help and he is super efficient at painting too. By the evening hours our house was completely painted with a new green color and our window trim and down spouts were painted grey. How sweet our house looks now, I am in love all over again. :-)

Even the chickens helped with painting...

Friday, September 24, 2010

French Braids...

Claire is finally letting me do a bit more with her hair. I was super impressed with I got to do double french braids even if she was watching a show, it works for me!
She is just so darn cute when her hair is our of her face!

Baby E is 12 weeks !


Our baby girl Eleanore is 12 weeks today and she just had a great well check.
She weights 13 # 13 oz. & is 23" long. The 90% for both height and weight!
Eleanore is busy talking, very alert, busy with her hands and legs and love to watch her sister Claire be busy. She has had some teething issues already and we are trying our best making her comfortable. Not always easy. And we are getting into cloth diapering too, it will be so nice not needing to run to Target for diapers. :-}


Sometmes cheap labor isn't worth it...

For all of summer (I know) we have been prep-ing our house to get it painted for, lets hope, the next 10 years. Yes, I am crossing my fingers. And today Jim was with CMW priming. She was certainly enjoying it. Even though Jim says 'cheap labor isn't worth it' since CMW is creating more work then help. Like paint in her hair or on Jim or places it isn't suppose to go. But he did say, 'I just couldn't resist, she was so cute!'. She went to find her own paint brush and came out and asked to paint and for a little while he did.

CMW looks huge because she is wearing a life jacket (her idea of a 'jacket') under her paint shirt and she is wearing a dress (which you can't see) with those black boots. Isn't she fashionable?

Friday, September 3, 2010

2 Months !

Our girls both smiling and happy on this Friday Morning !

E is 2 months today and C is 32 months!


I am going to attempt to take a picture of Miss E with her bear that Claire got her each month. Baby E ~ 7.5.10

E ~ 8.2.10

Hasn't she grown so much? She is quite a bit different then Claire but still so much fun!