Friday, April 24, 2009

A few fun things I just want to blog about...

#1 My friend Valerie exposed me to this is great beverage that (no it's not the Naked Juice - Green Machine) is what I call her version of homemade lemonade with out the pulp! It's sparkling water, Agave Nectar (100% pure sweetener & organic), Real Lemon (or squeeze your own) & ice. It is 'oh so sweet' especially for the next two months I need to be drinking the right amount of water each day and plain H2O gets pretty boring. Plus lemon is suppose to be good for fighting off kidney stones. :-) I am truly enjoying this lemonade as a part of my liquid intake for the day. 

#2 Jim, CMW and I spent 5 days in the cities and this chica did a bit of store hopping in Maple Grove @ Arbor Lakes. It was 'oh so fun' for CMW and I. It's an open mall so each shop has their own door and we did a bit of walking which was good and the weather was wonderfully nice. The point of this is, two of my new favorite shoppes come from there. They are Good Things & Anthropology . They are stores that I go into and most likely will never buy but it's still fun. They are both different from each other by items and price but similar in how unique their items are.  Oh So Fun!  So... I did find a gift for my sweet sister which I think she'll think is super, I'm so excited to give it to her. And I plan to go back to check out other shops that I missed since that place is huge and check out my new favorite stores as well. :-)    

#3 And to not forget, I also got to finally see that store IKEA.  It's pretty big and we managed to get in & out in just about an hour and not to bad of a dent in the money source either. :-)   

#4 One last thing, My parents came to visit for a short one night stay and brought the beagle Maggie. She wasn't up to par, she is battling Limes Disease and Kidney failure all at once but all
 the same she came to the Waa residents.  It was so nice to have a visit with all and CMW certainly did like having a canine around. Jim will now have the joy of once again discussing canine futures in this house since Maggie is the only dog out of 4 that hasn't pooped on our floors and I think that is the best sign to start thinking about a dog.  :-)  What do you think? I'm thinking yes and smaller medium size that don't shed much!  I'll keep you posted...

My Little Artist

I have an artist on my hands and boy did she have fun! I decided it was time to get out that paint since CMW is seeming to be always getting into things that she shouldn't.  And now that the nice weather is here, she is wanting to go outside more and knows all she needs her shoes and coat and she's set. Often CMW will be in the house with her shoes and coat on anticipating going outside. But today isn't a nice day to be outside and I needed to have a new plan.    

Her finger paint is gel like and it's super sweet! Plus I had a canvas sitting around and decided CMW could produce a 'work of art'. And she did not want to quit after just one piece, I had to find paper for her to continue on with 4 more pieces. :-)    

Touching the paint for the first time, ooh, gooey! 

Concentrating hard on what she's doing! 

CMW enjoyed every minute of her painting experience, so did mom and I can't wait to do it again!  :-) 

We also had the play dough out on Monday. CMW doesn't quite know what to do besides pick it apart but I helped with rolling out the play dough and showing her how to press those critter shapes into it.  As you can see from her smile, even if she is just picking it apart, she's loving' it. 

Monday, April 13, 2009


Our Easter weekend started with celebrating Good Friday. We were invited to celebrate with some friends from church and their small group. The meal... that which was similar to the Last Supper.  It was interesting and actually good. The menu was red lentil soup, an egg plant dish, unleavened bread, hard boiled eggs, baked apples stuffed with haroseth, cooked carrots, date bars, caramel almonds, and Tabbouleh. We ended the evening with prayer and singing praises to our Lord. It was time well spent! 
Saturday Morning, good friends came out for brunch and that was so good too! It was just a basic breakfast with super good caramel rolls. We had a great visit and a good start to our day.  Sunday started out rough for CW and her mom but made it to church anyway.  Jim played for worship at church and after church was lunch at his parents. 
Our friends the Pforrs invited the Waa's over for Easter dinner and it was de-lish!  Dinner was wonderful and it was great that it all happened at someone else house!  
Dying eggs was also part of the evening. It was a great time and good fellowship. CW even got in on it and helped dye her shirt, mom's pants and the carpet. It was a moment of fast movements and lots of cold water.  
This weekend was a busy one, but we made it and enjoyed every minute. 

The eggs, all 2 dozen of them. 
One box of Easter dye put the emphasis on making 'race car' eggs. 
And that is just what Mr. Jim Waa did. Doesn't it look fast? 
CW's first egg dying experience. 

CW didn't get an Easter basket this year from us but she found this one at the Pforrs. She certainly did enjoy getting in and spreading all that grass round.  (technical error... don't know how to turn the video, sorry!) 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Tulips are Coming

It's Spring and my tulips are coming! How exciting it that?
  Last fall we did some dirt work around our house and I thought we buried them for good. 
I Guess not, I can't wait for the flowers to appear!   
Yesterday I found this spring coat for CW   at 'Once Upon a Child'. I wasn't really looking a jacket but because she doesn't have one at all, I thought it was worth it.  What's even better is that I didn't know it was reversible until today.  It's solid pink on one side and pink gingham check on the other, so sweet!  
Today we were enjoying the outdoors and the warm weather, how nice it is to have warm weather! And when we made it to the back yard, we found the tulips, what a great surprise! 
Isn't she just cute with her spring jacket and winter beanie?  
It's been a great day, I hope yours was great too! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today I had a Good Chuckle

Today I had a good chuckle thanks to CW. While I was putting away her cloths I heard her on the piano. Thinking nothing big, she's just reaching up on her tip toes. Then I could hear her making the sounds that she makes for just about anything but I knew that she was wanting something.  I finished up putter her cloths away and thinking she was in no great danger and what did I come out to? CW on the piano, literally.  How did she do this? My little girl is getting smarter and smarter. She got on the rolled up rug that was there for some spring cleaning, then to the bench which she thought she would look at all my music which ended up on the floor. There was also some leather shoe string her dad left up on top and she thought it might be worth checking out.  My CW is smart enough to know she was not going to be able to get down by herself, that is why she was calling out to me.  I couldn't help but get a picture of her, it just made me SMILE.    

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Issue: Walmart

Today I went to Walmart thinking I would find everything on my list.  As it turns out, I did not! Grrr. And a girlfriend Lyz also had a bad day at Walmart, so I decided I needed to share as well about the experience that didn't go so well at this supposedly 'have everything' store. 
Here we go...
  • A simple tea set for CW, oh no, Walmart does not sell a simple one. There were many Disney tea sets and porcelain set but no basic tea set.
  • Or a doll stroller. You had to buy a fancy one or the whole 'kit and caboodle' meaning: stroller, playpen, car seat, high chair or nothing at all.  I just wanted a simple umbrella stroller for CW's dolly's.   
  • Next, wiper blades for the Mitiz, they don't carry the right size for our back window
  • The organic section, did i miss it? I'm not sure if there is one. 
  • The plain red shirt that I have been looking for, for months; for CW. I have yet to discover a store that does carry red shirts let alone plain ones.  
  • And when I get to the food section, if I don't have a list I get overwhelmed and come home with just about nothing.  At least nothing to make meals out of.  
  • And last but not least, I forgot to return some light bulbs that we do not want. 
So... I hope I remember this experience and take the time to stop at those few store I know will carry the items verses the store that is suppose to 'have everything'.   

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Substitute Nanny

Substitute nanny is what I called myself for the last week.  The regular nanny got activated for Flood Duty with the Nat. Guard. 
I went from watching my little CW to watching four other children 8-5, Monday through Friday. But in all actuality it wasn't so bad (other then CW did not want to nap). Their mom's work wasn't open for the first three days but was suppose to work from home. How much work did she get done on those days?  Not much.  Their dad has his office in the basement so he was home often as well. And most of the time, I was home before 5 pm. It was a good nanny job indeed. I would say though, I still had my fair share of taking care of the kids and I did 'swim' most of the days, especially the last two. 
The kids are 8, 5, almost 4, & almost 3, first two are girls (#1 & #2) and last two are boys (#3 & #4). They are well raised children and they certainly have and are learning what respect is for each other. This family has become new friends to Jim and I and it was great to be able to learn more about the kids and the family as a whole.  Each kid as expected is a bit different and it is just like watching your own child grow, each ones has their own quirks.  #1 is a bit bossy and is practicing her 'not to worry' skills by not asking questions all the time, she also has started piano lessons and we played and practiced some duets together. It was fun for her and for me! #2 has her crafty/creative side come out all day, either with imaginary play or being crafty, it's always there. Her and I made a few puppets along with her brothers. #2 also was the instigator to cookie making and new play dough. #3 & #4 sure did enjoy having their sisters home with them for the week! They play upstairs and downstairs, enjoy throwing the ball for the dog and reading books. CW also enjoyed those boys, with hugs given daily to them. It was so sweet to watch their interaction.  The boys, not quite knowing what to do with a little one who just comes up with open arms, but her hugs were always received! 
It was such a good learning experience, I certainly enjoyed my time, and it was such a blessing for me to interact with this family.  As one friend put it "their should be a 'tuition fee' for all the learning I'm doing' while watching their children & talking to (more like grilling) them about their parenting.  In the end, I made it through my week, a bit tired but I have new appreciation to being able to stay home. It isn't easy running a house hold and working 8-5, but am willing to lend a helping hand when need be.  
So, God willing, I am ready to be a substitute again if need be in the future.