Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Issue: Walmart

Today I went to Walmart thinking I would find everything on my list.  As it turns out, I did not! Grrr. And a girlfriend Lyz also had a bad day at Walmart, so I decided I needed to share as well about the experience that didn't go so well at this supposedly 'have everything' store. 
Here we go...
  • A simple tea set for CW, oh no, Walmart does not sell a simple one. There were many Disney tea sets and porcelain set but no basic tea set.
  • Or a doll stroller. You had to buy a fancy one or the whole 'kit and caboodle' meaning: stroller, playpen, car seat, high chair or nothing at all.  I just wanted a simple umbrella stroller for CW's dolly's.   
  • Next, wiper blades for the Mitiz, they don't carry the right size for our back window
  • The organic section, did i miss it? I'm not sure if there is one. 
  • The plain red shirt that I have been looking for, for months; for CW. I have yet to discover a store that does carry red shirts let alone plain ones.  
  • And when I get to the food section, if I don't have a list I get overwhelmed and come home with just about nothing.  At least nothing to make meals out of.  
  • And last but not least, I forgot to return some light bulbs that we do not want. 
So... I hope I remember this experience and take the time to stop at those few store I know will carry the items verses the store that is suppose to 'have everything'.   


Lyz said...

Hey, there is a nice basic tea set at Target that I almost bought for Ben (Aaron shot THAT down) - It's on the end of an aisle facing the toys, in a mesh bag -it's just a teapot, 2 cups & 2 saucers, but they seem pretty sturdy and only cost $5 or so.

Red shirts are IMPOSSIBLE. I would try Once Upon a Child.

Toys R Us has doll strollers, I believe - those should be $10 or less. They may also have a basic tea set, which would save you a trip...:)

Lexie said...

Thank Lyz. I did find a tea set at Toy R Us (good advice) and actually it was a tea set and dinner set all in one for 10 bucks! and yes a stroller was there too. :) And for Once upon a child, i found the pink jacket instead of the red shirt. But it was still worth the trip.