Monday, April 13, 2009


Our Easter weekend started with celebrating Good Friday. We were invited to celebrate with some friends from church and their small group. The meal... that which was similar to the Last Supper.  It was interesting and actually good. The menu was red lentil soup, an egg plant dish, unleavened bread, hard boiled eggs, baked apples stuffed with haroseth, cooked carrots, date bars, caramel almonds, and Tabbouleh. We ended the evening with prayer and singing praises to our Lord. It was time well spent! 
Saturday Morning, good friends came out for brunch and that was so good too! It was just a basic breakfast with super good caramel rolls. We had a great visit and a good start to our day.  Sunday started out rough for CW and her mom but made it to church anyway.  Jim played for worship at church and after church was lunch at his parents. 
Our friends the Pforrs invited the Waa's over for Easter dinner and it was de-lish!  Dinner was wonderful and it was great that it all happened at someone else house!  
Dying eggs was also part of the evening. It was a great time and good fellowship. CW even got in on it and helped dye her shirt, mom's pants and the carpet. It was a moment of fast movements and lots of cold water.  
This weekend was a busy one, but we made it and enjoyed every minute. 

The eggs, all 2 dozen of them. 
One box of Easter dye put the emphasis on making 'race car' eggs. 
And that is just what Mr. Jim Waa did. Doesn't it look fast? 
CW's first egg dying experience. 

CW didn't get an Easter basket this year from us but she found this one at the Pforrs. She certainly did enjoy getting in and spreading all that grass round.  (technical error... don't know how to turn the video, sorry!) 

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