Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Tulips are Coming

It's Spring and my tulips are coming! How exciting it that?
  Last fall we did some dirt work around our house and I thought we buried them for good. 
I Guess not, I can't wait for the flowers to appear!   
Yesterday I found this spring coat for CW   at 'Once Upon a Child'. I wasn't really looking a jacket but because she doesn't have one at all, I thought it was worth it.  What's even better is that I didn't know it was reversible until today.  It's solid pink on one side and pink gingham check on the other, so sweet!  
Today we were enjoying the outdoors and the warm weather, how nice it is to have warm weather! And when we made it to the back yard, we found the tulips, what a great surprise! 
Isn't she just cute with her spring jacket and winter beanie?  
It's been a great day, I hope yours was great too! 

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