Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today I had a Good Chuckle

Today I had a good chuckle thanks to CW. While I was putting away her cloths I heard her on the piano. Thinking nothing big, she's just reaching up on her tip toes. Then I could hear her making the sounds that she makes for just about anything but I knew that she was wanting something.  I finished up putter her cloths away and thinking she was in no great danger and what did I come out to? CW on the piano, literally.  How did she do this? My little girl is getting smarter and smarter. She got on the rolled up rug that was there for some spring cleaning, then to the bench which she thought she would look at all my music which ended up on the floor. There was also some leather shoe string her dad left up on top and she thought it might be worth checking out.  My CW is smart enough to know she was not going to be able to get down by herself, that is why she was calling out to me.  I couldn't help but get a picture of her, it just made me SMILE.    

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