Friday, April 24, 2009

My Little Artist

I have an artist on my hands and boy did she have fun! I decided it was time to get out that paint since CMW is seeming to be always getting into things that she shouldn't.  And now that the nice weather is here, she is wanting to go outside more and knows all she needs her shoes and coat and she's set. Often CMW will be in the house with her shoes and coat on anticipating going outside. But today isn't a nice day to be outside and I needed to have a new plan.    

Her finger paint is gel like and it's super sweet! Plus I had a canvas sitting around and decided CMW could produce a 'work of art'. And she did not want to quit after just one piece, I had to find paper for her to continue on with 4 more pieces. :-)    

Touching the paint for the first time, ooh, gooey! 

Concentrating hard on what she's doing! 

CMW enjoyed every minute of her painting experience, so did mom and I can't wait to do it again!  :-) 

We also had the play dough out on Monday. CMW doesn't quite know what to do besides pick it apart but I helped with rolling out the play dough and showing her how to press those critter shapes into it.  As you can see from her smile, even if she is just picking it apart, she's loving' it. 

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