Friday, April 24, 2009

A few fun things I just want to blog about...

#1 My friend Valerie exposed me to this is great beverage that (no it's not the Naked Juice - Green Machine) is what I call her version of homemade lemonade with out the pulp! It's sparkling water, Agave Nectar (100% pure sweetener & organic), Real Lemon (or squeeze your own) & ice. It is 'oh so sweet' especially for the next two months I need to be drinking the right amount of water each day and plain H2O gets pretty boring. Plus lemon is suppose to be good for fighting off kidney stones. :-) I am truly enjoying this lemonade as a part of my liquid intake for the day. 

#2 Jim, CMW and I spent 5 days in the cities and this chica did a bit of store hopping in Maple Grove @ Arbor Lakes. It was 'oh so fun' for CMW and I. It's an open mall so each shop has their own door and we did a bit of walking which was good and the weather was wonderfully nice. The point of this is, two of my new favorite shoppes come from there. They are Good Things & Anthropology . They are stores that I go into and most likely will never buy but it's still fun. They are both different from each other by items and price but similar in how unique their items are.  Oh So Fun!  So... I did find a gift for my sweet sister which I think she'll think is super, I'm so excited to give it to her. And I plan to go back to check out other shops that I missed since that place is huge and check out my new favorite stores as well. :-)    

#3 And to not forget, I also got to finally see that store IKEA.  It's pretty big and we managed to get in & out in just about an hour and not to bad of a dent in the money source either. :-)   

#4 One last thing, My parents came to visit for a short one night stay and brought the beagle Maggie. She wasn't up to par, she is battling Limes Disease and Kidney failure all at once but all
 the same she came to the Waa residents.  It was so nice to have a visit with all and CMW certainly did like having a canine around. Jim will now have the joy of once again discussing canine futures in this house since Maggie is the only dog out of 4 that hasn't pooped on our floors and I think that is the best sign to start thinking about a dog.  :-)  What do you think? I'm thinking yes and smaller medium size that don't shed much!  I'll keep you posted...

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