Monday, May 4, 2009

The Ukulele

Jim is dying to make a guitar but those kits are expensive and I decided to give him a bit of wisdom that I thought was okay to give. Why not try a ukulele first?  I said 'you'll know if you really want to try an expensive guitar if this goes well'. All said and done, he decided to get this kit for about 100 bucks and waa-laa. He made a pretty nice ukulele! 

It came in a kit, all the pieces cut and shaped and all he needed was to put it together and a little extra care to make it look nice and sound good. But it was no small task and it took him some time and he did well. It's a slow process to do, glue, wrap with rubber bands and wait for it to dry. Over and over again. He also sanded, wondered what type of finish to put on, not having all the correct tools how was he going to do certain parts of the ukulele. That put his engineering brain to work. But now he thinks he needs to have more luthier tools and yes he does want to make a guitar. But i think he will leave that for next winter when there isn't anything to do.

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