Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm the bag lady

I'm 'the bag lady' and I've had this name from my family for a long time. I like to make bags for myself and my husband would love if I hold off on the bag making for myself and start 'making a profit' off of them. I just laugh because I'm certain this will never happen, but I enjoy making bags and some people out there enjoy buying bags, so it's worth a try.
So, My aunt back in Pequot has a boutique at the end of her driveway. It's a little shop open on select weekends and it's all home made goods from her family and friends. Each are unique and one of a kind. This is where my bags will be going for now. In August there is a craft fair my sister and I will be participating in. Selling our goods instead of being the shopper.  I'm a bit excited but also skeptical of how 'not good' my goods really are. But I'm going to look forward to it anyway.  And i'm thinking I;m in need of a name to put to the goods that I make.
Any suggestions, let me know! 
One last thing...
I like to think that I choose to buck the system. I like to make bags that are not necessarily the in-style thing (even though I bet they would sell better) but rather the unique and 'will not be seen else where' type. Why not be original? 

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