Friday, May 15, 2009

What women think...

It's interesting when I get together with groups of women, particularly women from bible study and the women from Bunko.  They all think we need to start with baby #2 and I think they are out of their minds.  But it is comical and I love listening to their encouraging words and reasons why we should start.  

Episode #1. 
One Tuesday morning before study, I was asked by 3 women at different times when I was going to be starting up again with another baby. Reasons, CMW needs a sibling and she's old enough to start with a new one.  After bible study, another lady asked and her reasoning was about the same, CMW is getting old enough and you don't want siblings to far apart. Then I was at the christian book store and I ran into one of the pastors from church (who knows me well) and he asked me about baby #2. Now all this in one day and no one had talked to each other about this, hmm.  

Episode #2.
Bunko night (it's a dice game), as we were playing, one of the ladies, Mary asked if anything new will be happening (referring to babies) in our lives soon? My answer, I'm have CMW and need a bit more time to prepare for the crazy infancy period. But she went on to ask more questions...
Q: Do we need to go over how this happens? 
Q: Do you & Jim need a night without CMW?
Q: Do we need to talk to the husband about this?
Q: Should an elder of the church talk to your husband? Because mine is an elder and I'm sure we could arrange this. 
As the laughter roars and I could barely get out a 'no', the bell rang for the next round of Bunko to begin. We composed ourselves enough to roll dice and count numbers as each of us got our prescribed dose of laughter for the day.     

Now, is this a sign? Is the Big Man Upstairs telling me that I'll make it through another baby? Everyone says baby #2 is much easier then baby #1 but I'm not sure and I'm not taking their word on this quite yet. So y'all just keep praying for us that we'll be ready for baby #2, when ever that happens.     

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