Saturday, April 4, 2009

Substitute Nanny

Substitute nanny is what I called myself for the last week.  The regular nanny got activated for Flood Duty with the Nat. Guard. 
I went from watching my little CW to watching four other children 8-5, Monday through Friday. But in all actuality it wasn't so bad (other then CW did not want to nap). Their mom's work wasn't open for the first three days but was suppose to work from home. How much work did she get done on those days?  Not much.  Their dad has his office in the basement so he was home often as well. And most of the time, I was home before 5 pm. It was a good nanny job indeed. I would say though, I still had my fair share of taking care of the kids and I did 'swim' most of the days, especially the last two. 
The kids are 8, 5, almost 4, & almost 3, first two are girls (#1 & #2) and last two are boys (#3 & #4). They are well raised children and they certainly have and are learning what respect is for each other. This family has become new friends to Jim and I and it was great to be able to learn more about the kids and the family as a whole.  Each kid as expected is a bit different and it is just like watching your own child grow, each ones has their own quirks.  #1 is a bit bossy and is practicing her 'not to worry' skills by not asking questions all the time, she also has started piano lessons and we played and practiced some duets together. It was fun for her and for me! #2 has her crafty/creative side come out all day, either with imaginary play or being crafty, it's always there. Her and I made a few puppets along with her brothers. #2 also was the instigator to cookie making and new play dough. #3 & #4 sure did enjoy having their sisters home with them for the week! They play upstairs and downstairs, enjoy throwing the ball for the dog and reading books. CW also enjoyed those boys, with hugs given daily to them. It was so sweet to watch their interaction.  The boys, not quite knowing what to do with a little one who just comes up with open arms, but her hugs were always received! 
It was such a good learning experience, I certainly enjoyed my time, and it was such a blessing for me to interact with this family.  As one friend put it "their should be a 'tuition fee' for all the learning I'm doing' while watching their children & talking to (more like grilling) them about their parenting.  In the end, I made it through my week, a bit tired but I have new appreciation to being able to stay home. It isn't easy running a house hold and working 8-5, but am willing to lend a helping hand when need be.  
So, God willing, I am ready to be a substitute again if need be in the future.                

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Lyz said...

All those fun activities! I'll bet those kids can't wait to have their "substitute nanny" back!