Friday, March 27, 2015

Happening events of October 2014

Here's to October! Homecoming for NDSU, halloween, a trip to visit family in MN, and a few random's thrown in.  Cheers! 

I like fire trucks, especially ones that are painted nicely! 

 Ready, Set, Launch! 

Looking through pictures, my kids have grown in just a few sort months. Wow!

We tried water color painting, AHW decided he'd try licking the color soon after the brush was not working. I did get a fun picture out of his strokes.  EKW, she got some help with stencil drawing and then painting the girls she stenciled out. She has a lot of fun.  

Halloween 2014. A singer (w/tattoo's on her cheeks), Cinderella, the dress is under all her other random cloths. Small Paul Bunyan with Babe the blue ox. :)

And Cee-Cee is still around. She loves to sit in this basket of junk. Why, I'm not sure but here the basket is holding a staple gun, hat, a bag of aprons and misc. papers. I know, I'm a junk collector; in small places, then it drives me batty and the I clean like a made women. :-0 

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