Friday, March 27, 2015

Month: November Year: 2014

November was a quite month, we visited MN for Thanksgiving, and tried to stay warm without any snow. No snow has come here in our prairie land. It's a bit frustrating, cold is no fun without snow. 

I have some cute kids! Not sure why I took this, maybe to send to their dad at work, or maybe EKW was winding up her pasta really well, or eating pistachios nuts is a big thing? Not sure, but it made the post!!   

   The baby boy wanted to put Cee-Cee in this tiny lantern. Where he get's his ideas, I am not sure. But we tried, a little and she did not fit. :)

We were asked to a Bison Game ( I think in Sept. or Oct) and it was loud and fun! The 4 adults and 2 kids all had a fun time! That baby, baby E who is hiding in the pouch, was sleeping, snuggled with his mama!  :-)   

Bunny Cee-Cee and CW! Sticking up her ears, to make sure we know she has them! ;) 

The pup, Macy. I found her in the bath tub with about an 1" of water. I believe she found a source for water.  
And this stove, the stove I grew up with, it a heat pumping machine. I love it and I love wood heat. It is a lot of work and time to cut wood and make sure it's dry, but it's great heat. 

Have you heard of the shop Other's, in Fargo ND?  It's a shop that gives back twice.  I found this new bowl, which is now my soap bowl to add to my already all white bathroom. It makes me smile each time I see it.  

We visited MN for Thanksgiving and went ice skating on East twin lake. It was smooth and was easy to skate on.  CW loves to skate and at my girlfriend's parent's house, they have this fun Norwegian thing. I can't remember what it is called! Goodness! It's a pole in the ice and a long pole hooked to a sled, someone pushes and pushed. Gravity throws you off in less you have got lot's of strength to hold on. That name, i'll need to think about it.

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