Friday, July 1, 2011

The eggs will be coming soon.

We have a new batch of chickens and recently we added some older ones to the flock. We bought 13 for the end of March. And now we have 5 11 mos. chickens producing eggs. Plus, i was asked to take 4 for a friend who had them at the library, a little something extra for the kids to look at I guess. We have a few to many now for our coop but by the end of fall most of them will find new homes and plus they are out free ranging most of the time so it does not matter much.

The Mr. who will be leaving soon, I hope.

The light red/brown little chickens close to the fence are our New Hampshire reds, the black/white are the Barron Rocks and the dark red (there are 2) are the new birds and i did not get the breed name. Our friends went to a bird auction and got them for us.
So there ya have it, our new flock. I can't wait for full time egg pickin' days!

Kitty Sage perched on the fence watching the chickens.

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Krisanne said...

Yay for chickens! We're thinking of getting some up in the village. It'd be nice for eggs and for some meat every once in a while! :) Hope and pray you and Miss E get some more sleep soon - Jonah has been getting up at or before 5 am for almost a week, but finally this morning slept until 6. Teething - sure is fun, huh?!?! NOT really! Love you and miss you!