Sunday, November 29, 2009

The beauty of Greenery

I'm so excited, we bought this Christmas swag from our neighbor boy who's a boy scout and it came just in time for... Thanksgiving! Yes, it came this last week and now we'll be able to enjoy our swag all of December. Maybe a little snow will come and it will look even better with a little white dusting on it's needles. Plus this sway is quite large. I was thinking a small one would look great on our door but when this one came, it was definitely not going on the door. It's at least 3 ft in length and it's smells wonderful. As you can tell it's not on the door due to it's size but next to our front entrance so we can enjoy the beauty.
All the same, it's beautiful and I'm Thankful for this great piece of greenery for the holiday season!

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