Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our little girl is getting So Big!

It's almost time for Eleanore's 1st birthday post, so i better get some picture of her from her 1o/11 mos. photo opportunities!

11 mo. bear picture!

Eleanore loves the dog bed... not sure why but it's a place you find her from time to time. And yes, the next picture she is using Macy for a 'seat' and she didn't mind. Hmm, we have a Great dog on our hands!

Climbing and Climbing! In drawers, on baskets, chairs, end tables, up slides. You name it, she'll want to try to scale it. She likes to be high and see, i don't blame her.

And we had s mishap, she took a tumble down the stairs and got a big ouchy! It didn't bruise bad but she had a lump for about 24 hrs. Bad parenting of the day!

Miss E has also been walking, since Mothers Day!! She loves to play outside in the sandbox or swing. G'ma J got a pretty neat swing and E, giggles and giggles as she's pushed. She likes the water but not sure about the sprinkler. She likes to drink of of a cup, a big girl cup. When outside, E just tootles around on her two little legs, climbing on anything she can. She likes to sit in the flower bed or pet the kitty or pup. She just gets a kick out of petting them, again she giggles by the touch. If she can, she'll get a piece of CMW's chalk and color.
She continues to be a joy for our family and CMW enjoys her as a sister!

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