Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Can we find some worms mom?

I am reminiscing about Mothers day weekend because last Saturday was the nicest, nicest day we've had since spring arrived. Wait, maybe spring isn't here yet? Our weather here has been in the low 40's, wind, rain, and very overcast. :-{
While we were enjoying the mid 60's weather with sun and a bit of wind. CMW and I were planting a few dahlia and canna lily bulbs. And she found the worms! At each hole we were looking for the 'babies', 'mama's' and 'daddy's'. I am not sure how she knew which were which but she she was so excited about finding each one. CMW would pick them up, check them out, I'd plant the bulb, she'd put them back in the dirt, I'd cover them up and then we'd move on to the next spot. This was all done in her pj's and princess dress and she was roasting! I could tell by her red cheeks.

She asked on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday if we could go and find worms.

We took a break to get some H2O and get CMW some cooler cloths. She also decided she needed to be tickled. One thing she really enjoys!

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