Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 months and growing

(our fun, goofy, sweet Eleanore)

Our lady Eleanore is a quick mover and won't stay still if she was in a straight jacket.
- She crawls faster then some kids walk, I promise! And I bet she'll be walking by 11 months. She already takes single steps and wants to be in on the action, All.the.time!!!
- She is always checking out what Claire is doing...

reading :-)

- Can we say 'Climber'! She is always getting up onto things or into things if possible.

(This was the 10th time i'm sure I got her off the stool.)

- In the dogs water, splash, splash.
- EKW eats and eats. She eats a whole lot more then CMW, I think E is going to be the beefy of the two!
- Enjoys being outside and doesn't object to the grass. She would much rather be out with big sister then looking out through the glass door.
- Loves the dog and cat... I think she thinks they feel funny and giggles when they come close.

We enjoy the stage EKW is presently in and we love watching her grow into the little lady she's going to be.


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Laura K said...

What a cutie pie! She's gotten so big and so beautiful! The "explorer" stage is so fun, but it does keep you on your toes. Kylie has been climbing onto everything as well...though we're still learning how to get down. :)