Friday, May 13, 2011

A new space to play in perhaps?

CMW: 'Mom, Eleanore is in the hole!'
Me: 'What?'

I couldn't figure out what she was talking about and I didn't know about any holes in their bedroom in which Eleanore would fit in. So, I went to take a look and found this:

E was just coming out of the 'hole'. Claire's bed has storage under it and there happened to be enough room for E to try to wiggle into one of the spaces. To say the least, I believe she was having fun! I couldn't resist taking more pictures of one more thing E figured out how to do. She is really into crawling into, under or through things. Like the kitchen table or chairs, I always find her challenging herself. Or on top of stools, or the fire place hearth or end tables. Her sister Claire takes all the couch cushions off so E can 'climb up' she says and 'play', so we have much more watchful eyes these days.

Venturing into the hole...

What fun these two girls have, E exploring and C being the 'big sister' and maybe they have found a new space to play in.

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