Saturday, January 8, 2011

Claire's new bed

My dad, the carpenter that he is, took my picture from off the internet to make this bed. And I requested the bookshelf at the end. :-) Claire's Papa does some wonderful work and we certainly are blessed by him. He's even making plans to make one for baby E, maybe. CMW now has this great bed that will serve her for a very long time, 18 years maybe?
My parents delivered it mid October, we got the second coat of sealer put on and hauled it in and waa-laa, Claire loves her bed and thinks it's so neat to have a 'big bed'! Now all that is left are 6 fabric bins, similar to these for storage that I am going to make.

So here's the bed we've been waiting for and I've taken way to long to 'introduce' it to others. Isn't she lucky?

yes, that's a mighty large bear...


Melissa Joy said...

Awesome! How lucky you are to have a handy guy around.

Lyz said...

That bed is great. Lucky Claire!